GMO B2 Bitcoin Mining Rig Launches with 7nm Semiconductor Chips

GMO Launches New B2 Miner, Japan’s First-Ever Bitcoin Mining Rig

Japanese tech services company GMO Internet, tech services company GMO Internet, in a press conference, has finally announced the specifications of its upcoming 7nm semiconductor chip-laced Bitcoin mining devices. The firm is calling the new chip GMO 72b.

The new B2 mining devices will have a hash rate of 24TH/s. This is massive when compared to the hash rate of current market leader Bitmain S9, which peaks at 14TH/s. This is a huge achievement on the part of GMO and will definitely lure the professional miners towards the product. The chips will have a power requirement of 1950w per unit and will consume 81W per 1 TH/s.

B2 is also the first miner to use 7nm semiconductor chips, enabling it to achieve performance and efficiency gains over devices that are already on the market. The arrival of a 7nm chip is notable since it ushers in more hashing power for bitcoin miners, while at the same time theoretically reducing power consumption, an important factor for miners in seeking return on their investment.

Masatoshi Kumagai, President and Chairman of the GMO Internet, is very optimistic about the new product and believes that it will beat the market competition. A rough translation of his comment says:

“The performance per unit is higher than that of major competitors’ products. If we switch from over 20,000 mining machines operating in Scandinavia to GMO minor B2, the installation space will be about half in terms of equivalent performance. I am done.”

According to the company, they mined 472 BTC and 37 BCH in May. The firm now has a total hashrate of 299PH/s, up from 22PH/s in Dec. 2017. The company has stated that it hopes to achieve 3,000PH/s by the end of the year, representing a more than 900 percent increase from current levels.

GMO unveils new miner: 24 TH/s, 1950 W, designed in Japan made in Taiwan, $1999. CEO: "I respect Bitmain, but we will top them." from Bitcoin

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