GMO Internet

GMO Internet’s Mining Business Overview

GMO Internet is Japan’s leading internet provider. Over the past twelve months exciting developments have been happening as the internet platform moves towards offering coin-mining services for their investors. GMO’s new cryptocurrency mining service launched back in late December using mining services based in Northern Europe.

Within the first half of 2018, GMO Internet plans to roll out a new semi-conductor they are developing with technology partners, which will vastly increase computer performance boosting mining potential. The GMO Internet team is excited to combine their experience and expertise in internet systems with cryptocurrency improving currency exchange for investors worldwide.

The new cloud mining service is called and will utilize Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash exclusively as part of the Secure Hash Algorithm SHA256. With this new cryptocurrency platform GMO Internet aims to become the top cryptocurrency service in the world.

How Will GMO Internet Mining BTC & BCH Crypto Mining Plans Work

The plan is for GMO Internet to rent out part of their European based mining farm to large tech businesses that do not have the cash flow to build their own mining farms. GMO Internet offers an attractive package for investors by offering both a state of the art semiconductor plus a soon to be developed 7-nanometer chip technology which will offer faster and more reliable mining possibilities.

The development team will certainly achieve success in developing this smaller chip as it recently succeeded in developing a 9-nanometer chip just last year.

GMO Internet has many stakeholders involved with their mining platform development. Since the ideas inception in mid-2017, GMO Internet has created a huge global conglomerate compromising of sixty businesses.

The exact location of the European based mining farm is unknown but the developers do mention that it utilizes both geothermal energy and hydropower to help reduce the environmental impacts of such a huge system.

GMO Internet Investment Details

Investors who have a minimum investment amount of five million dollars are eligible to submit an application indicating their investment interest. These investors must make a two-year contract agreement with GMO Internet that cannot be reversed. There will also be extra charges for the investors to cover including electricity and system maintenance.

GMO Internet Platform Conclusion

Large-scale crypto investors who want to be part of the next big thing in platform development should seriously consider getting involved with GMO Internet. By owning a stake in this new mining farm companies will able to offer their investors top notch mining capabilities without the cost of developing and maintaining high tech mining infrastructure themselves.

Based on details available online it is unclear how interested investors submit their interest application but there is a contact link available on the GMO Internet web page at

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