The Global Mining Token (GMT) project was started as a joint venture partnership between the founders of OR Blockchain Investments that offers managed investment structures and vehicles for people to invest in cryptocurrency instruments and markets. The other partner was RealBit mining that is the official Bitmain distributor and premier datacenter manager and provider of Hash Rate. The partners collaborated to come up with OR-RealBit.

The GMT Token

GMT Token is an Ethereum based token that represents the right to purchase and trade cryptocurrency mining capacity or processing power (Hash Rate) at a discount on the global mining platform website that is provided by the OR RealBit. GMTs will give increasing and cumulative discounts when users purchase different Hash rates for multiple cryptocurrencies. The tokens will provide discounts on the purchase of Hash rates of choice such as BTC, LTC, and BCH among others. The Hash Rate is the measuring unit of the processing power of the Bitcoin network.

GMT tokens provide a discount on the purchase of Hash Rate Tokens. Once you buy a Hash rate token, you start mining to the wallet of your choice. Your GMT Tokens will be frozen until you sell your Hash Rate Tokens. You can use the GMTs and discounts as many times as you wish.

The GMP Platform

Purchasing mining equipment is the biggest barrier to entry into Bitcoin mining. A miner needs to have a considerable investment and good connections to manufacturers of equipment. Additionally, the miner will still need to invest in top-tier data centers and in experts that will work 24/7 for the miner to earn profits.

The global mining platform (GMP) will be the gateway to mining of cryptocurrencies. Miners can check their daily balances and will get their mining returns in their wallets. It offers the easiest and less risky mining alternative as miners get the below benefits.

  • Very easy to buy and start mining
  • The miner has an exit from principal through the market and order book
  • Does not need surveillance from the token holder
  • Does not require the miner to buy any mining equipment
  • There is full revenue and cost transparency given by the hash rate capacity on the blockchain.

Token holders will be able to transact in hash rates on GMP, and the platform will further allow them to:

  • Purchase hash tokens
  • Allocate their hash power to mine the currency they want
  • Sell their hash rate tokens
  • Use their GMT Tokens to incur a discount when buying hash rate tokens

Upon the use of the GMT Tokens, they will be frozen until the user sells the Hash Rate Tokens. The GMT Tokens that are associated with the user will be unfrozen after the sale of the Hash tokens and allowed to trade.

Details Of The ICO

The GMT tokens were offered on pre-sale from 1st November last year. The ICO had been ongoing from 1st December 2017. Subsequent batch sales have been taking place. The presale batches that were three in number ended on 31st March 2018. The tokens that were available for the pre-sale buyers were 20 million while 60 million tokens were offered for the 3 ICO batches. Each token is priced at 1GMT= USD 0.05. Accepted means of payments include BTC, ETH, LTC, and USD wire transfer.

  • Token Symbol: GMT
  • Token Sale Starts: March 31, 2018
  • Token Price: 1GMT= USD 0.05
  • Total Supply: 102 Million
  • Soft Cap: 30 Million USD
  • Hard Cap: 70 Million USD

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