GoChain And Blockdaemon Partner To Facilitate Rapid Deployment Of Nodes In 3 Clicks

GoChain has formed a partnership with Blockdaemon to enable third clients to easily create public nodes on their blockchain network. This is aimed at increasing the security on GoChain.

The objective of Blockdaemon is to promote the rapid deployment of blockchain-based solutions. Currently, it is mandatory to have an understanding of the specific language of blockchain protocol before deploying a solution on that given network. Blockdaemon intends to change this by introducing a solution that will enable standard deployment across all blockchain protocols.

This will be accompanied with ease-of-use, accessibility and regular infrastructure and security upgrades.

Although blockchain technology is evolving at a rapid pace, there are inadequate tools to assist with the application of technology in the real world. The aftereffect of this problem is the sluggish development of blockchain projects. Blockdaemon solves this challenge by empowering businesses with cloud datacenters for the efficient management of complex networks.

Most importantly, users can build testnets and mainnets at affordable costs.

Following this collaboration, GoChain becomes the first blockchain protocol to launch of the refurbished Blockdaemon platform. GoChain aims to provide a convenient user experience at affordable fees without compromising on scalability. The platform is powered by its native GO token and bodes seamlessly with the Ethereum blockchain.

Typically, nodes on the GoChain network operate autonomously and are located in different parts across the world. The partnership with Blockdaemon will facilitate the rapid growth of the GoChain network without inhibiting decentralization.

Since it is based on a Proof of Reputation consensus algorithm, GoChain is eco-friendlier than other blockchain protocols. However, this means that the network does not support block mining. Rather, GoChain prioritizes decentralization and independence of nodes.

Essentially, GoChain promotes decentralization by forcing users to deploy nodes all over the world. This is facilitated by the Blockdaemon technology. Businesses cam transact over this network thanks to the trust instated by the consensus mechanism.

According to Konstantin Richter, the CEO of Blockdaemon, GoChain is a significant addition to their blockchain portfolio. He particularly lauded GoChain for its support for DApps and smart contracts while conserving energy and promoting decentralization.

On the other hand, Jason Dekker, the CEO of GoChain, said that Blockdaemon will simplify the deployment of nodes on the GoChain protocol. Jason noted that Blockdaemon works with some with the most popular blockchain protocols. He further praised their new partner for providing solutions that ease the adoption of blockchain-based solutions.

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