GoChain recently announced that they would work with LINKCHAIN as they seek to launch their STO. LINKCHAIN is a supply chain solutions company that relies on blockchain technology. In the deal, LINKCHAIN is going to build their platform on $GO. They will also be launching their STO. The team at GoChain will offer marketing, technical, and fundraising expertise to LINKCHAIN. They will play an active role in the development of LINKCHAIN’s solutions for the supply chain.

The Vision That LINKCHAIN Has

LINKCHAIN envisages a future where supply chain solutions are provided by blockchain technology. These solutions will be offered via a user-friendly platform that lets suppliers and buyers transact securely and efficiently at a much lower price than all current solutions.

One area that the company hopes its solution will be used is in the freelance economy. Thus far, it is growing quite fast. However, the current solutions have major flaws. For instance, there is the issue of huge transaction fees, slow processing of payments, and huge amounts of spam from fraudsters.

By working with the GoChain team, this company hopes to use their powerful and scalable blockchain to cut costs and make secure and efficient transactions possible. This will lead to the creation of a dependable reputation system that is secured by smart contracts and the distributed ledger.

Comments From The Leadership Team

According to the CEO of LINKCHAIN, the GoChain blockchain protocol is quite powerful and is backed by a dependable team. He added that the engagement, support, and experience of the team from GoChian had thus far been satisfactory. The CEO was confident that they would work with this team to create a dependable platform on GoChain. According to him, this would be a platform, which delivers value to users and other stakeholders involved in the project. He concluded by thanking Nick Arora, the Chief Strategy Office at LINKCHAIN and the entire GoChain team.

According to the CEO of GoChain, the LINKCHAIN vision to create a supply chain solution based on the blockchain was quite inspiring. He added that the company was addressing a major issue and offering their users real value. Jason, the GoChain CEO concluded by saying that he was eager to work with LINKCHAIN and have them as part of their community.

About GoChain

Gochain is a blockchain that is compatible with EThereum. It supports smart contracts and has speeds that are 100 times faster than the Ethereum blockchain. It also has transaction costs that are 1000 times lower than on Ethereum.

By using its robust codebase and Proof of Reputation mechanism, the GoChain is able to achieve decentralization at a much lower cost of energy. Projects that run on this blockchain have thus far been able to raise over $100 million since the mainnet was launched in May.

The company has partnered with other major companies such as Microsoft Azure for blockchain deployment. As a result, GoChain is one of the few public blockchains that have a private blockchain offering and are listed on Azure.

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