God Gift Matrix

Want to earn free bitcoin online with no effort, skill, or experience required? Of course you do. That’s why God Gift Matrix wants to help. Find out if it’s a scam or legitimate investment today in our review.

What Is God Gift Matrix?

God Gift Matrix is a bitcoin scam that promises to turn your 0.0002 BTC investment into a 2337 BTC payout in a short period of time. Based on today’s price of bitcoin, that means you can turn $0.80 USD into $9.4 million USD.

And here’s the best part about God Gift Matrix: you don’t need any skills, intelligence, experience, or hard work to become a millionaire overnight. In fact, the platform will teach you how to start earning millions in just 5 minutes.

Obviously, there are a lot of red flags telling us that God Gift Matrix is a scam. Like most other bitcoin scams on the internet today, God Gift Matrix is a pyramid scheme. You pay a fee to join the company, and then that fee gets passed to the top of the pyramid. The only way to make money is by recruiting other people to the pyramid scheme beneath you. You receive a portion of each membership fee, while most of the fees get funneled to the top of the pyramid.

You can see the scam online for yourself at GodGiftMatrix.biz.

How Does God Gift Matrix Work?

God Gift Matrix promises to turn your $0.80 investment into $9.4 million. All you need to do is recruit other people to the scam.

Specifically, God Gift Matrix uses a 2×9 forced matrix plan. If you fill out every square of that matrix with all the possible referrals, then you’ll earn $9.4 million from your $0.80 investment.

Obviously, like most pyramid schemes, God Gift Matrix is designed to fail. The business is supported exclusively by new members. Eventually, there reaches a point where no new members can be recruited, at which point the pyramid scheme collapses and all members on the lower levels lose their money.

There is no product or service being sold with God Gift Matrix. It’s purely a membership-based pyramid scheme.

Who’s Behind God Gift Matrix?

You should never send money to anyone over the internet unless you’re absolutely certain who that person is. Like most other bitcoin scams available today, God Gift Matrix doesn’t tell us any information about its founding team, managers, or the people running the scam. The company refuses to even disclose its office location or any other information about itself.

The only way to contact the company is through a basic email submission form on the official website.

WHOIS data tells us that GodGiftMatrix.biz was registered on August 8, 2017.

God Gift Matrix Conclusion

God Gift Matrix has dozens of red flags telling us that it’s a bitcoin scam. Like most other bitcoin pyramid schemes, the goal of the company is to convince you to pay them money in the form of BTC, and then continue getting money from you as you pay for more spaces in the matrix. Along the way, the company frequently reminds you that you’re going to turn your $0.80 investment into $9.4 million – even if you have no skills or experience.

Ultimately, there’s no easy way to make a million dollars online (unless you bought bitcoin in 2009, of course). If someone tells you they can turn your small investment into millions of dollars with little work required, then you’re probably being scammed. Avoid God Gift Matrix.

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