GODcoin claims to be a “one world currency” launching in January 2018. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is GODcoin?

There are 1500+ cryptocurrencies available on exchanges today. The creators of GODcoin claim that all of these currencies were just a “training ground” for their digital token, which they describe as a “one world currency”. That currency is launching in January 2018.

GODcoin, like a number of other digital tokens, claims to be backed by physical gold and silver. Because it’s backed by physical assets, GODcoin claims it will avoid the price fluctuations and volatility of other currencies.

“These currencies may crash at any point. Their volatility can crash them, robbing you of everything you once had. A major crash is coming to the existing currencies. Over the course of history, we witnessed what happens when there’s a crash. Trust in the currency is crushed. The people suffer and remain in poverty until something can be done,” explains the official website.

GODcoin doesn’t just see itself as a replacement to cryptocurrencies after the crash: it sees itself as a replacement to fiat currencies after they crash.

Obviously, there are ambitious goals, so let’s take a closer look at how GODcoin works.

How Does GODcoin Work?

GODcoin aims to be a simple and efficient cryptocurrency. To maximize efficiency, the currency uses proof of stake (PoS), which offers enormous energy savings over proof of work (PoW) consensus algorithms. PoW consensus has also led to a control of power among centralized mining corporations and computer farms, which degrades the original intention for bitcoin. GODcoin mentions all of these points in its whitepaper.

The only other thing we know about GODcoin is that it claims to be backed by real gold and silver reserves. It’s unclear how much gold and silver will back the value of GODcoin, or if a single token will represent a specific unit of gold or silver. The name “GODcoin”, by the way, refers to “Gold On Demand”.

Right now, everything we know about GODcoin can be found on a one-page website at GODcoin.gold. This is the official online source of information about GODcoin. The website explains limited details about the coin. We know it uses PoS consensus and is backed by physical assets – but we have no further information. There’s no whitepaper and no additional info available anywhere online.

The GODcoin ICO

The GODcoin ICO will take place in January 2018. We don’t have a specific date or any additional information about the token sale – like how much each token will cost, how many tokens there are, or where the tokens will be used.

Who’s Behind GODcoin?

The GODcoin.gold website features no information about the team or who’s developing the project.

A WHOIS lookup tells us that the domain was registered in September 2017. The website appeared in its current form online (featuring the GODcoin ICO announcement) in late November 2017.

Please note that there have been a number of “GODcoins” released over the years. in 2014, someone posted an announcement on the Bitcointalk forums announcing the release of Godcoin, for example. A similar ICO took place on GOD.coin. None of these projects appear to have any connection to GODcoin.gold or the project we’re reviewing today.

GODcoin Conclusion

GODcoin is a unique cryptocurrency project that claims to offer “Gold On Demand” to investors. The coin claims to be backed by real gold and silver reserves.

At the moment, there’s no information about GODcoin available online. The website features a few paragraphs of information, but there’s no whitepaper or technical details about the project. We don’t know who’s behind the project.

Despite the lack of information, GODcoin claims that the project is scheduled to launch with an ICO in January 2018. To learn more about the project, visit online today at GODcoin.gold.

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