Gods Unchained: Coinbase-Backed Fuel Games Blockchain eSports Game

A Startup Backed by Coinbase Launches an E-Sports Game on Ethereum

Gods Unchained is one of the first e-sports game that is powered by the blockchain. Right now, the blockchain games have been mainly limited to a few collectibles, which are quite simple in nature. The collectibles can be purchased inside applications where the users buy and sell digital assets just as they would buy baseball cards. These apps have no doubt caught the attention of investors. However, the current data shows that they have a few daily active users.

A New Generation Of Blockchain Games

One of the companies that want to change the current state of blockchain games is Fuel Bros. This is a company that is based in Australia and which believes that much more can be done. The company is best known for their Etherbots game, which is quite popular amongst blockchain-games enthusiasts. With this new game, the company hopes that it can bring the e-sports experience to the blockchain.

About The New Game

Not much is known about the Gods Unchained game. What is known is that it will be free to play. There will be a set of assets, which can be won inside the game. There will also be various scarce assets that can be bought for crypto coins. In the game, there will be e-sports like features to it. This will ensure that participants get a multiplayer experience.

The game is a bit different from the way video games work right now. The value of the digital assets can be changed when the developer decides that they will release more assets or offer special deals.

In the game, the intention is to ensure users will be able to exit the game whenever they wish. They can make back or even get returns on investments by selling the purchases they make inside the game.

About The Developers

The developers have thus far managed to attract over $2.4 million in funding. The seed round was led by Nirvana Capital and Continue Capital. Sora Ventures and Coinbase are also major participants in this project.

They first developed an interest in the blockchain at around 2014. However, Fuel Games only started to take shape when one of the developers attended a startup accelerator in Santiago. James, one of the developers, had even considered building a smart contract system where financial derivatives could be traded. However, he was not sure if it could be legally considered a security.

In a recent interview, one of the co-founders of Fuel Bros said that he believed that more games would launch into the blockchain. This is because the world had largely come to accept that a digital asset could have value. Besides that, gamers are already used to digital assets having value.

Etherbots, which was their first project, generated a lot of interest when it managed to have more daily transactions than Cryptokitties. The Cryptokitties is considered to be amongst the most popular collectible games powered by the blockchain technology to date. However, this new project might change all that.

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