Anybody following the news these days will know that Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in its value in the past year. While it was being valued at nearly $2000 in late 2016, its value currently stands fresh over $11,000 USD. As a result of this, there has been a surge of investors piling funds into these crypto assets. When talking about newer currencies, the example of GoldCoin (GLD) is an interesting one. When looked at statistically, we can see that this asset has steadily increased in its intrinsic value since the past 2 years. This has been a direct result of steady investor interest in this crypto-currency.

What Is GoldCoin?

Goldcoin is an all new ‘crypto investment platform’ that has been projected by many experts to be a worthwhile proposition. Owing to its ‘multi-pool resistant client’ design, it is able to stay secure and free of any 3rd party interference. The platform has been integrated with a ‘51% attack defense system’ that helps bolster key security mechanisms (so as to ensure maximum privacy).

Why Choose Goldcoin (GLD)?

(i) Stable: owing to the fact that the design of this currency has been based upon the model used by Satoshi Nakamoto when Bitcoin was first created, it allows for this asset to stay immune of market fluctuations or price variations.

(ii) Security: the protocols used to keep the system running at a high level encompass the basic working and functionality of the blockchain and ledger. As a result of this, goldcoin can be used securely across the network without any risk of being stolen. In addition to this, the Goldcoin (GLD) framework has also been updated to reflect a better response time than even the big players in the market. Lastly, as mentioned earlier, GLD makes use of ‘reinforced security’ to help protect itself against ASIC attacks.

(iii) Transparency: there is full disclosure provided when it comes to the nitty gritties of this asset. Infact, there will be a Goldcoin (GLD) showcase that will commence at the start of Spring, 2018 with a Conference Tour that will allow the team to “showcase the cryptocurrency’s technology and new software to the industry all over the world.”

(iv) Based on Market Data: through a variety of independent polls that have been conducted by private organizations, it has been found that consumers prefer the name Goldcoin over most of the other top coins.

Other Features To Consider

(i) Compatibility: in order to to increase accessibility and ease of use, the platform is fully compatible with mobile devices that run the android operating system. This basically means that we can carry our digital assets with us, wherever we go.

(ii) Being Traded Globally: active trading of GoldCoin (GLD) is taking place all across the globe. It is being used by many customers as a ‘secure value store and cash payment system’ for their daily transactional needs.

(iii) Safety and Performance: as mentioned previously, GoldCoin is faster than both BTC and LTC in terms of its “confirmation times”. Not only that, it also comes with an advanced defense system, which makes tracking of money virtually impossible for any third party.

GoldCoin Conclusion

This currency is actively being traded on many famous online exchange platforms such as Bittrex, C-Cex. All users have to do is create an account in any of these websites, and then deposit some fiat/crypto currencies to start making trades. The entire process is fairly straightforward, and can be completed within a matter of 10-15 minutes.

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