Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO

Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO is a new cryptocurrency available through a multi-stage ICO between October 2017 and July 2018. Find out everything you need to know about One Coin today in our review.

What Is Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO?

One Coin, found online at, describes itself as a “cryptographically secure, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that allows for instant and cost saving payments.” The token also promises to offer global accessibility.

Obviously, most cryptocurrencies offer cheap payments and international transfers. So what makes One Coin different? The developers never really explain. The website has no listed products or services. The developers don’t claim to be solving any real world problems, nor do they target any specific industry or group.

The long-term goal of Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO, according to the official site, is to create an ecosystem of products and services for users and merchants. These products and services will increase the value of One Coin, and ultimately, the coin plans to be “one of the biggest reserve currencies worldwide.”

One Coin is being developed by OneLife, a Europe-based multilevel marketing company. However, a Dubai-based shell corporation called “Golden Gate Investments” is also linked to the project (both are mentioned on the official website, but it’s not totally clear how either company is involved).

With that in mind, let’s take a look at whether One Coin is a scam or a legitimate investment opportunity.

One Coin Features

Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO’s official website advertises all of the following features:

  • Global Access: Instant cross-border payments.
  • Stable: The coin has low volatility and is unaffected by inflation.
  • Unique Ecosystem: One Coin will develop products and services “for mass-market usage, globally”
  • Transparent: One Coin describes itself as “transparent and secure” because it maintains “a continuously updating digital ledger of all transactions”
  • Safe: One Coin offers cryptographic security
  • Scalable: One Coin claims its blockchain can handle millions of user accounts.
  • KYC and AML Compliant: One Coin’s blockchain forbids anonymous transactions. All One Coin users are required to go through KYC/AML verification.

Ultimately, most of these features are the same features you see in other cryptocurrencies. One Coin’s advertised features are identical to any other cryptocurrency. However, these are the features the developers have chosen to advertise on the official website.

Based on the information above, it’s hard to see how One Coin is different than any other cryptocurrency. There’s an overall lack of information and transparency about this project.

The Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO

Instead of going into further detail about its features and unique selling proposition, One Coin’s website focuses mostly on the ICO. That’s a red flag that you’re dealing with an ICO scam – which One Coin appears to be.

The ICO is scheduled to take place between October 25, 2017, and July 11, 2018. There will be four rounds to the ICO.

You can’t just buy 10 or 50 OFC tokens during the ICO. Instead, investors are funneled into four different investment packages, including:

  • 150 EUR: 1500 OFC tokens
  • 1100 EUR: 20,000 OFC tokens
  • 5500 EUR: 100,000 OFC tokens
  • 11,000 EUR: 300,000 OFC tokens

These OFC tokens are not the same as ONE tokens. However, on October 8, 2018, all OFC tokens will be converted to ONE tokens. This is the date the cryptocurrency is expected to launch.

In exchange for EUR, you just get OFC tokens. There are no additional benefits to any of the above packages. There are no education programs and no products or services. Basically, you’re paying an anonymous company a lot of money for something with no apparent value.

There’s a total supply of 120 billion ONE tokens.

Who’s Behind One Coin?

One Coin’s ICO website lists the name Golden Gate Investments. That company claims to be a limited liability corporation registered in Dubai. The corporation explains that it is “engaged in various activities, including but not limited to investment and management of commercial enterprises.” Whatever that means.

We can find no additional information about Golden Gate Investments available online.

The entire One Coin ICO is operated by OneLife, a multilevel marketing company. However, the exact link between OneLife and the One Coin ICO isn’t totally clear. The two websites seem hosted on the same servers. However, OneLife’s website doesn’t mention anything related to One Coin.

The One Coin ICO website, meanwhile, was registered on September 21, 2017 to an anonymous individual. However, One Coin claims that its affiliates have been investing in the company since 2014.

Is Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO A Scam?

Golden Gate Investments One Coin ICO appears to be a blatant scam. The developer claims to have plans to make One Coin one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies. However, there are no products or services linked to the currency. Despite the fact that the currency has no apparent value, One Coin is selling investment packages for 150 to 11,000 EUR. Your investment package gets you a promise of receiving ONE tokens in October 2018.

Ultimately, there’s an overall lack of transparency about the One Coin project. The information we do see online suggests that it’s one big investment scam or Ponzi scheme. Why would anyone give thousands of Euros to a project with no discernable products or services? I have no idea. But for now, you should definitely steer clear of the One Coin ICO.

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  1. Do you have a license to make investment advice? Cause that is what you are doing here.

    Reading this article I understood that you have no clue what is going on here with Onecoin. Maybe you should contact me on email so I can explain it to you. This sentence of your collapses your whole article:
    “One Coin is being developed by OneLife, a Europe-based multilevel marketing company. ”

    Onecoin indeed started as one company, its vision and concept are lead by dr Ruja Ignatova and they started as free offer for education packs sold by MLM network so Onecoin is a separate company and they were distributed via One tokens with the education sold by MLM network. So Onelife is completely separate company and they are no more lead by dr Ruja, instead, it is lead mainly by top leaders and it is not Europian MLM company, it is global mlm company with largest markets in Asia and South America.

    Just now, Onecoin will begin coin offering via future tokens that will be able to exchange to ONE after October 08. 2018, so now investors can also buy Onecoin futures (tokens called OFC – Offer Future Certicifate). ONE will not trade on circus bitcoin small exchanges, they will start with their own central exchange and 100 smaller local licensed exchanges. Keep in mind that Cambridge recently published a study that around 3 million people use cryptocurrencies today, yet almost 3.3 Million people own Onecoins.

    The main difference between Onecoin coin offering and other ICOs is that Onecoin made it regulated and done by a licensed investment company that can be checked at and there you will see that its license renewal is in August 2018 which means it was also registered before Onecoin even knew about switching to this ICO stage cause their original plan since Jan 2017 was for the company to go public on IPO and offer stocks, that is why new CEO Pierre came but was fired since IPO is held back to be replaced with ICO.
    Since we realized ICO is bigger than IPO and it is more easy to conduct, they halted IPO plan and planned ICO. But since China banned ICOs cause they are unregulated, anyone can start their website, make fancy whitepaper, promise some project and attract millions from believers we can understand why this GGI is a smart move.
    We will soon realize that China will release ICOs but every ICO will need to be conducted by the licensed entity, just like IPO must be only conducted by the licensed company or bank.

    Knowing this, Onecoin is actually the first to do it properly, although we have a bunch of totally ignorant people that are in love with this game of anarchy that bankers gave you to play – called Bitcoin – that go around and make fun of themselves without even realizing it by assuming such things about Onecoin.

    The key difference with Onecoin and any other crypto is that it is centrally regulated so they will not have performance issues choked by decentralized tech, operates their own custom blockchain and thus it is not an Altcoin where you put this article. Their blockchain currently is closed source for reasons known to them and you have many open source enthusiasts that say it is a scam cause there is no blockchain. The same was done by Linux open source community to Apple when they used Unix to make closed source MacOSx and today it is most efficient and safe globally used OS.

    This is what Onecoin wants to do, to make simple cryptocurrency that any person can use without the need to worry about private keys, to cold storage their coins or to worry if the exchange will flee.
    At Onecoin if you are hacked, the company will return coins to you.

    But the main difference is that is transparent, no coins will be sent while public without filling KYC, similar to bitcoin exchanges, if you want to buy bitcoin for cash, you need to be KYC verified, but once you do, bitcoins cannot be tracked, so governments will never regulate cryptos as money thus it will be illegal for merchants to accept them.
    Onecoin also has KYC inside of the blockchain so no coin can be sent anonymously thus preventing frauds, black market, money laundering, drug trafficking etc. This is why it stands a great chance of being regulated as money. And this is the key difference. Of course, it is still in initial phase so no one can say for sure whether it will fail or succeed.

    This is all of course a vision, not all of it is finished and operational since it is initial stage for the last 3 years (Bitcoin was properly ready for public trading after 4 years) and it is sad that they have so many no-lifers they dedicated 3 years of their life barking around this saying it is a scam and how this does not work and how that does not work yet they fail to realize this has not even begun yet. Of cource, MLM hype and fake info from many leaders actually is what gives critiques energy to follow them but the real cards will be revealed on October 08th 2018.

    • As you put it, there’s no difference between a Fiat currency and OneCoin.
      Just another way of paying with an electronic medium..

      But there are major differences to other ICOs.

      1. There’s no word on what OneCoin is going to use the collected money for!
      2. What are different stages except collecting money?
      3. Why is there another token (OFC) instead of just OneCoin (ONE)?
      Now comes a tricky one…
      4. Since there seems to be an unlimited amount of OFC(the token), how many OFC(the token) do I need to get one OneCoin and are the “IPO OFC” the same as OFC (the token)?

  2. Anonymous whitehackers have used OneLife accounts to download and analyze the complete history of Blocks and Transactions of the first six months of OneCoin “blockchain” version 2, which started on 1 October 2016. They found irrefutable proof that the OneCoin “blockchain” is nothing more than a simulator with fake Blocks, fake mining and fake Transactions. The OneCoins in the OneLife member accounts have no relationship whatsoever with this “blockchain” and OneCoin is not a cryptocurrency.

    By the way, Igor Krnic wrote fifty pages with bullshit on his blog to “debunk” the conclusions. Unfortunately he was so stupid to call the Onecoin Blockchain simulator a “toy” himself seven times.

  3. I have enormous respect for Igor Krnic & I believe honest people out there would agree with me!
    – Everything he said is backed with evidential anecdotes. Unlike you the OneCon which implies Authority to Con on your behalf …..

  4. OneCoin est number one. onecoin onelife forever. ;) tout ce que vous dite la est éronnée contacter moi je vous expliquer le comment du pourquoi … car la pièce de monnaie one à été crée dans le but de pouvoir faire des transaction sécurisé avec une garantie pour nos achats effectué sur internet ;) de plus dealshaker est la platforme qui rends tout la transparence des commerçants ;)

  5. I live in the U S and was fortunate to join one coin in November 2015. its hard to get any updates one coin without them being negative bull—- . can somebody direct me to a good site that will give me accurate up dates without the bias. And any positive information would be greatly appreciated.

    • Gee this is like the biggest scam ever.I myself have invested in 2015 too and as a lawyer can say its ridiculouse.Offshore shell companies everywhere.With 1$ capitals


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