Golden Hash

What Is Golden Hash?

The Golden Hash has been designed as a currency that can offer you access to the encrypted storage network. A currency that is able to give you the opportunity to acquire private space in the companies pool of servers. In this sever your information will be backed by the blockchain technology; thus, this allows you to have the security you have been longing for as an investor.

A Little About The Golden Space

The Golden Space is a multidisciplinary platform and also a data storage service that has been made exclusive to the Golden Hash. The space has been developed on the Hyper ledger and the blockchain technology which has been considered as an essential system that currently exists in the ecosystem.

Thanks to this clever combination it can bring administration and management capabilities with a very flexible information design. The design will allow for secure deployments of smart contracts, which are often referred to as Chain codes.

How Golden Hash Works

The user is able to store their information on the Golden Space, but it is for exclusive use by the client only. It is all thanks to the blockchain technology which avoids any modifications being made once the data is saved. Additionally, with the use of cryptography in the storage of information is another essential safe tool as it also avoids any data manipulation taking place.

It is clear the company has put in place the best resources to ensure your information is kept safe at all times.

Golden Hash Characteristics

The token has been designed with several desirable features which you should be aware of.

The Best Security You Can Get On The Market

The coin has been designed to manage all its transactions under the SSL protocol, well, this has been made possible thanks to the blockchain technology. The system also further validates the storage space that has been acquired by users, this way it can avoid any vulnerabilities that could arise.

The Platform Offers Speedy Transactions

While on the platform you are sure to enjoy much faster transactions, it is because all the transactions carried out are executed on the Ethereum environment. It only takes about 16 seconds for a block to be confirmed, quick transactions indeed.

The Coin Is Versatile

The Golden Hash has been designed to be versatile, that is, it has an extensive range of uses, this is all thanks to the Golden Space platform. Where users have the ability to use it as a storage space.

The Coin Is Decentralized

The Golden Hash toke is decentralized as it allows the participants within the community to transact without the dependents of a regulatory intermediary.

Golden Hash XGH Token ICO Details

Sounds like something you would want to invest in? Then it is important to note that the Pre-ICO offer of fifty percent bonus that the company is offering will end in the next 17 days. The Golden Hash sounds like a very promising coin to invest in, so it is wise to take advantage of the bonus that is being offered.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: XGH
  • Token Price: 1 XGH = 0,5 USD
  • Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH
  • Total Supply: 420,000,000

Golden Hash Conclusion

The Golden Hash seems like a very promising coin as it has various characteristics it is able to offer the investors, one that you should consider taking advantage of. Additionally, the fact that it provides a safe storage space is something to consider, a genuinely unique coin that one should think to purchase.

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