What Is Golden Resources?

Golden Resources is a Russian based decentralized blockchain enabled the digital platform that brings gold mining private investors together. Through the platform, users can invest in 3 different sites (Lysogorsoky, Seybinsky, and Kuturchinsky deposits) of interest. All these sites have appropriate infrastructure and easy accessibility. According to the developers, so far the project has been able to raise $25 Million in the form of investments.

How Golden Resources Works

According to the innovators of this projects, every interested investor will have to purchase GDR tokens to get a stake in the gold mining process. All the currency input by investors gets security through the ground gold, which goes at an estimated price of $400 less than the real market price. Therefore, this gives participants a first-hand in the market with a possibility of yielding significant benefits once the pre-sale is over in 2019.

Golden Resources GDR ICO Details

The project plans to make use of the ICO investments that set to begin on April 12 to raise at least $32 million to be used for the project launch. According to reports on their white paper, 90% of the funds will be used on reconstructions of the mining and the whole gold mining process, while 10% goes to marketing and maintenance activities. The hard cap on this project is at $35 million

Investors of 1000 Pre-ICO tokens get to receive 1 ounce of gold at $800. And with the available 35 million GDR tokens, it’s set to bring many investors on board. At the moment everything seems to be already established with the completion of the initial stages of exploration, approval of documents and coming up with appropriate designs.

Golden Resources Gold Mining On ETH Blockchain Benefits

It’s no secret that the demand for gold in today’s market is on a constant rise. Therefore, an opportunity for a gold business seems like the best investment for most people. Through investing in Golden Resources, investors gain from the invaluable insight of the founders of this project who happen to have several years of experience in the technical and economic fields. Therefore, they can be sure to get into an already calculated move with slim chances of failure. Also, GSR holders get an opportunity to gain access to the liquid gold market that isn’t for many.

Furthermore, according to the information on the Golden Resources main website page, users get to actively participate in the circulation of valuable golden assets such as jewelry. The inclusion in the development of one of the world’s most valuable mineral resources is also very profitable on its own.

In future investors can look forward to exchanging their GDR tokens for stock shares in the company. Also, tokens can be exchanged for collecting coins with specific value addition, which seems like a great idea if it turns out to be true. The benefits don’t stop there as the developers promise several investment openings to other full range mining services and exchanges of tokens for shares in the mining equipment, etc.

Should I Join Golden Resources?

There are various benefits that the project poses to its investors.  The developers of this project seem well organized with everything in place. Also, the website is well equipped with relevant information to answer all prospective investor queries directly. Therefore, it’s ideal for both beginners and experienced investors.

However, like every project, we advise you to trade with caution and exercise all possible investment options before committing.

Golden Resources Conclusion

The Golden Resources GDR token gives opportunities for interested parties to have a share in the lucrative gold market. And with incredible pre-sale discounts, the project seems set on a successful road. The team is also well organized with strategic moves at each step. Thus, we feel it could be an excellent opportunity for you.

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