What Is Goldiam?

Goldiam is a blockchain-based platform that allows you to buy gold and diamond and have the investments shipped to you with their certificates. The blockchain technology ensures the safety of the transactions. Additionally, investors can use the GoldiamBox wallet to store the assets. This storage allows the investors to earn Goldiam coins on a monthly basis. The Goldiam platform also allows its users to send and receive the Goldiam coins around the world. The receiver can later convert the coins to fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies.

Goldiam Gold & Diamond Blockchain Mining Projects

The platform is made up of three projects: gold and diamond mining, GoldiamBox wallet, and GlobeUnion platform

The gold And Diamond Buying Project –

Lets investors buy the two assets using the Goldiam coins. The platform allows investors to buy the assets on the platform. Buyers can then keep the assets securely in their wallet and withdraw the assets when they need. The platform shall ship the assets to the investor’s location together with other requirements.

GoldiamBox Wallet –

Lets investors hold their coins. When they hold them for one month or more, they are rewarded. The platform will reward the user for every coin he holds. The rewards can be used instantly by the investor. This provides an alternative way for the investor to earn some profits.

GlobeUnion Platform –

Allows investors to send or receive their Goldiam coins no matter their location in the world. The receiver can exchange the coins into fiat currency or another cryptocurrency.

Goldiam Features

Money Transfer

The GlobeUnion platform allows users of Goldiam to send and receive money globally anytime and with ease.


Your gold or diamond is secure in the Goldiam blockchain and wallet. When you withdrawal your assets you will get a license as proof of withdrawal.

Pure Gold Or Diamond Shipment

Investors can withdraw their diamond or gold assets from their wallet, and the Goldiam platform will ship the asset to the investor’s location together with the certificates, license, and any other requirement.

Monthly Rewards

When investors hold their coins in the wallet, they can earn monthly rewards. This can be an alternative means of investment.

The Goldiam Smart Card

The smart card will be used for mutual authentication. A secure and reliable smart card that safeguards the user’s data, brand information, and transactions. The card is also a convenient way to pay for expenses, as the user does not have to carry cash or credit cards. The payment is instant, and the card can be used in your favorite brands or shops.

Goldiam GOL ICO Details

The GOL coin will be used for all transactions in the Goldiam platform. The coin can be used to buy gold or diamond. Additionally, the coin will allow the investor to invest in the GoldiamBox wallet that will yield more profits in terms of coins. All the investor needs is to have some GOL coins and to hold them for one month or a longer duration.

The GOL coin is an Ethereum ER20 based coin. The total supply of coins will be 32,300,000 coins. The price of the token during the ICO will be 1 ETH=1300 GOL. The minimum transaction required from an investor is 0.05 ETH. The ICO will start on 9th April and end on 18th May 2018.


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