Goldma ICO (GMA Token) Review: Gold Mining Assets Cryptocurrency?

GoldMa is a project that seeks to combine gold mining with the immense power of cryptocurrencies. The Goldchip Mining Asset GMA is a cryptocurrency based token that will is backed by existing gold mines found in Zimbabwe. The token will be floated through a series of ICOs from 23rd April 2018 and climax with the main ICO that will end on July 12th, 2018.

The GoldMa Project

Currently, the company has managed to rake in $275,000. However, this is bound to change with the expansion of their operations through bringing investors. The company intends to upscale its operations to accommodate 25 times its capacity.

At the moment, there’s a lot of audacious aspects surrounding gold mining. GMA seeks to harness the power of blockchain technology to bring transparency and reduce the paperwork required to engage in gold mining. Basically, the company mines gold and sells it to banks who pay cash. The cash is then used to buy Ethereum and token holders share 5% of the net profit.

The GMA token will allow token holders the following benefits:

  • An opportunity to engage in lucrative gold mining activities through decentralization
  • Ability to cheaply transfer value limitlessly from anywhere
  • A chance to invest in a cryptocurrency backed asset
  • Earn royalties from gold mining activities

GMA ICO Details

The following are details regarding the GMA ICO:

  • Token symbol – GMA
  • Token Platform – Waves
  • Token price – 1 GMA =$0.13
  • Minimum transaction – 0.1 ETH
  • Minimum goal – 12,500 ETH Maximum goal – 175,000 ETH
  • Pre-Private ICO – April 23rd to 30th 2018
  • Private ICO – May 3rd to 10th 2018
  • Pre- ICO – May 17th to 27th 2018
  • Main ICO – June 3rd to July 12th, 2018
  • Accepted currencies – BTC, ETH, LTC, WAVES, ZCash, BCH

GMA Roadmap

After the close of the ICO in July, the company will immediately start upgrading its operations and install lights to allow 24-hour mining. Come August 2018, high-speed toll mining equipment will be purchased and stockpiling of the ore increased. In September 2018, the gold buying program will commence. Moving forward more gold mines will be acquired and further expansion is done.

All in all, owning GMA tokens will help investors reap the benefits of having cryptocurrency backed assets. Backed by a knowledgeable team and a seasoned advisory board, the GMA project has a bright future ahead.

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