A recent publication on May 24th, 2018 was issued by GOLDUSA, which was meant for release exclusively apart from the United States. The release states that, on May 15th, 2018, Canamex Gold Corp decided to create a “non-brokered private placement to accredited investors.” The token available is called GOLD, and the offer is available to GOLDUSA members and holders of ERC20 tokens.

The decision to increase the subscription will pivot the minimum amount from 2,000 tokens to 25,000 tokens, which is a substantial jump. This change happened on 9:00am PST on May 24th, 2018. In this Security Token Offering (STO), GOLDUSA further stipulated:

  • Tokens can be purchased with fiat currency, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.
  • Each token would be worth $4.125 USD, which is based on the $1300 per ounce cost of gold.
  • Each token is representative of 0.005 ounces of gold.

About GOLDUSA Token Info

Consumers can refer to the whitepaper and other information about GOLDUSA by visiting Additional details about the subscription can be found at If the user is interested in learning about the token, or purchasing it, they need to visit

Right now, the company has already registered this change with Harmonychain AS, which allowed them to setup their smart contact with Ethereum for Gold and Silver. This process allows them to raise capital for the company, but without losing value. In the agreements, the company confirms the validity and security of their domain names, patents, ticker codes, and multiple other aspects of the token.

ChainDelivery™ is responsible for the trademark, which is approved in Norway for blockchain technology since April 26th, 2018. Harmonychain AS is presently in charge of four other patents, which include:

  • Mether™ and Bether™ Commodity physical forwards tailored for the Commodity Producers.
  • ChainDelivery™ Royalty Stream and Physical Delivery Queue systems for Commodity Producers.
  • Security systems related to Breach of Blockchain Security.
  • Transparency system

The Canamex Company

Canamex Gold Corp. is publicly listed and registered in Canada on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). They mine from multiple areas along the Walker Lane Trend and has completed a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA). To get ahold of the company, consumers can reach out to David Vincent, the CEO, at [email protected], or to Mike Stark, the board chairman, at [email protected] Stark can also be reached by calling 604-833-4278.

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