July 31st, 2018 unveiled Brass Golem beta, the latest version other open-source supercomputer built on a decentralized network. The company is also updated their Blender Library and fixed the core system as well, correcting bugs discovered by users.

The new network is designed for scaling purposes, more people access to system at one time without any lag. Golem, operating a decentralized network can be accessed by anyone, giving them the ability to perform any tasks that need high computing power. With beta launch version of brass Golem 0.17.0, a netmasking protocol is used to create subnets able to distinguish available hosts on the network for each user.

Other enhancements to the new system include an improved verification utility, guaranteeing all transactions will run smoothly on the network. Golem runs on Ethereum blockchain, which has been called the most promising of them by Julian Zawasoki, founder and CEO of the company.

Other new promising upgrades on the platform, will help improve its usability, safety, and speed at which the system operates. This is only one of several updates to come according to Julian, who's excited to see how efficiently the network operates once it is bombarded by new users. The ultimate goal of Golem is to vastly improve the experience of the user.

Brass Golem’s is creating an uproar of excitement in the cryptocurrency community. Developers, coders and everyday crypto users are coming out of the woodwork jump on the bandwagon of the Brass Golems launch. The system will be ideal for 3D modeling, development of advanced artificial intelligence, and other sophisticated technological works that need powerful computers to operate them.

Will you be using brass Golem? If so, what for primarily? Leave your answers and opinions of the network in the comments below.

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