Goods Digital Passport

Manufacturers, consumers and insurance companies alike have all been plagued by the issue of counterfeit for years. Counterfeits result in millions of dollars in losses for all involved parties. Nevertheless, one company – Goods Digital Passport, seeks to use the innovative blockchain technology to resolve the counterfeit problem once and for all.

What Is Goods Digital Passport?

The company intends to leverage the power of blockchain technology to enable the delivery of proofs of origin, authenticity, and ownership.

With this information, various parties verify the authenticity of goods and help to discourage the production and selling of counterfeit goods and eliminate the sale of stolen merchandise.

It aims to bring trust to the world of goods which will increase value for consumers, reduce the risks for insurers and increase their potential market, protect brands and retailers.

GDP through its suite of apps will allow customers to store their goods and keep tabs on their total value by using an online wallet.

Consumers can share their wallet, which allows them to prove proof of ownership and verify the value of goods for insurance purposes which aid in hastening insurance claims.

Registering Goods

The agent can create a GDP in two ways:

  • By uploading the information in bulk.
  • By uploading the information individually for each item.

The amount of information uploaded depends on the product type and the relevance of the information such as the product’s serial number, product certification, and product description.

Product Registration

Registration of products on the GDP platform can only be done by registered agents. Smart contracts are used during registration to hold multiple entities of the same product in bulk or as a single item. The GDP smart contracts help to enhance security and proof as it cannot be altered once it’s created and deployed on the decentralized blockchain platform.

Goods Digital Passport Benefits

Buy With Confidence

With GDP, consumers can be sure of the origin and authenticity of the goods they buy thanks to proof on the blockchain. Similarly, registered owners can curb theft of products by updating the blockchain in case of theft to warn customers against a fraudulent sale.

Sell With Integrity

Customers who wish to sell their goods can do while reassuring prospective buyers of ownership and authenticity of their products. Moreover, after the sale, ownership of the goods can be quickly transferred to the new buyer.

Get Your Product Insured Seamlessly

GDP enables registered owners to receive instant quotes and insure their assets.

Goods Digital Passport GDP Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Total token supply: 100,000,000
  • Total token supply for sale at ICO: 85%
  • Team, community and growth: 15%
  • Soft cap: 1000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 35,000 ETH
  • Unsold Tokens will be burned
  • Pre-Sale launch – 8th June 2018
  • ICO launch – 28th June 2018

Token Sale Objectives

  • GDP Platform and Associated Apps – 47%
  • Global PR and Marketing – 42%
  • Experts and influencers – 8%
  • Legal and compliance costs – 3%

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