Google CEO Rehashes His Son Mines Ethereum (ETH) On Home Computer

Coincidentally, sons to Google’s CEO and co-founder are crypto enthusiasts who mine Ethereum. The CEO, Sundar Pichai, revealed that his 11-year-old son mines Ethereum on a home computer that he built himself. Pichai made the revelation during the New York Times DealBook conference where he was talking about addiction to blockchain technology and the importance of regulating screen time for kids.

Indeed, Pichai said that he was having dinner with his son when he mentioned Bitcoin. After talking for some time, the son corrected and told him that he was describing Ethereum, another cryptocurrency that is different to Bitcoin. This is the time when the child told his father that he is an Ethereum miner. However, Pichai stated that the computer used for mining was built for standard home use.

Amazingly, Pichai’s son has more familiar with the concept of digital currencies than his knowledge on the working mechanism of fiat money. For this reason, Pichai had to explain how paper money works, the banking system and its significance.

Earlier in July, Google co-founder disclosed that he mines Ethereum with his son. In this case, however, it was Sergey who initiated the idea of mining Ethereum. This was after his son requested him to purchase a gaming PC. So far, according to Brin, the duo has made a substantial amount of money from their mining activities.

Technological Renaissance

In the past, Brin said that Ethereum mining is playing an integral role in the blockchain revolution. These sentiments were made through an open letter to investors where he said that the world is experiencing a technological renaissance in every sector of contemporary society. In addition to Ethereum’s consensus algorithm, Brin stated that the resurgence is caused by greater demand and Moore’s Law.

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