Google Cloud Partners With to Become an EOS Block Producer

Google Cloud Partners With to Become an EOS Block Producer

  • Google Cloud joins the EOS blockchain network as a block producer (BP) after a successful vote from current EOS token holders.
  • The search engine subsidiary becomes the first high-level Silicon Valley firm to join the EOS BP network.

In an official statement online, Google confirmed they would join the EOS community and participate as one of the blockchain's 21 block producers. EOS, built by the development team, is a blockchain platform that allows 21 block producers (BP) who verify the transactions. These BP are selected by the EOS token holders, giving a different feel to Bitcoin’s or Ethereum’s mining mechanism.

Google Cloud joins crypto heavyweights Binance, OKEX, and Huobi crypto exchanges as top block producers with the rest run by the EOS community. The statement from Google reads,

“Google Cloud has partnered with and will become a block producer candidate to provide infrastructure in support of the EOS network, which is built on the EOSIO blockchain protocol published by” aims to leverage Google Cloud’s low latency and global connectivity to provide a stable, convenient, and reliable EOS blockchain platform.

Allen Day, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, in his welcome statement said,

“As organizations begin to incorporate distributed ledger technology into their infrastructures, we are committed to ensuring that the information on public blockchains are securely stored, reliably available, and can be accessed in meaningful ways.”

As EOS grows, there is an increasing need for reliable BP in the system, and Google is expected to provide the much-needed “highly provisioned, low-latency infrastructure to,” Dan Larimer, founder of EOS, said.

“Google Cloud’s confidential computing infrastructure will enhance the security, scalability, and decentralization of blockchain technology.”

The Google Cloud block producing team will be vetted and voted for by the current EOS token holders on what roles it takes on the network.

The news of Google Cloud joining the EOS blockchain BP team set the native EOSIO token to surge 17% in an hour to touch a high of $2.92. The token currently trades at $2.63, representing a 5% growth in the past 24 hours.

EOS Live Price

1 EOS/USD =1.1145 change ~ 0.98

Coin Market Cap

1.2 b

24 Hour Volume

103.75 m

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