Google Keyword Search for 'Bitcoin CEO' Now Shows You Warren Buffet is

Google Search Now Tells You that Warren Buffet is the CEO of Bitcoin

We have huge news to announce in the crypto space today as it was revealed that Warren Buffet is the CEO of bitcoin. At least, that’s what Google Search seems to think.

Yes, Google Search turns up incorrect results when you ask about the CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

In fact, Google has trouble handling many types of search queries linked to the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Google seems to think bitcoin is headquartered in Virginia, for example, and that it has at least three CEOs.

Bitcoin, of course, has no centralized organization running the operation, nor does it have anything resembling a CEO. Bitcoin has never had an executive team. The only thing close to a “leader” bitcoin has ever had was its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, who stepped away from the project in 2010 and never returned.


As spotted by Redditors, Google Searches for “bitcoin CEO” will reveal Jamie Dimon, Warren Buffet, and Roger Ver as the “Chief Executive Officers” of bitcoin.

Jamie Dimon is the CEO of JP Morgan Chase who famously mocked bitcoin in 2017. Warren Buffet is a billionaire investor, and Roger Ver is a bitcoin evangelist known for promoting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) since 2017 and for operating, /r/btc, and other online spaces.

None of these individuals, of course, are CEO of bitcoin.

The search only appears to work when using Google on a mobile device. However, the textbox clearly displays Jamie Dimon, Roger Ver, and Warren Buffet as “Chief Executive Officers/Bitcoin”.

Meanwhile, searching for “CEO of Bitcoin” on the desktop version of Google displays equally as inaccurate search results. A desktop search, for example, leads to a snippet from the Wikipedia page for the Bitcoin Foundation. That snippet suggests that Mark Karpelès, the CEO behind the long-defunct Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange, is the CEO of bitcoin:

“In February 2014 Mark Karpelès, the CEO of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, resigned from the board after…”

Google appears to get confused because the text says, “CEO of bitcoin”.

All of this indicates a crucial problem with bitcoin: when average people are Googling bitcoin, they’re not getting correct information. A layperson might believe that Jamie Dimon, Roger Ver, and Warren Buffet are all running bitcoin, for example. An average person might not understand that bitcoin has value because it has no CEO, and that it’s been running successfully since January 2009 without any type of executive team or traditional corporate structure.

Who Are the Owners of Bitcoin?

Google doesn’t just mess up the “CEO of bitcoin” search query.

Google also displays unusual results for questions like “Who are the owners of bitcoin?”, which pops up under the “People also ask” related search queries. In answer to that question, Google describes how the Winklevoss twins, Barry Silbert, Tim Draper, and Satoshi Nakamoto are all “people with the biggest known stakes in bitcoin.”

Who are the owners of Bitcoin?

Where Are the Headquarters of Bitcoin?

Google displays other seemingly unusual search results for questions like, “Where are the headquarters of bitcoin?”

Google responds to that query by listing the location of a company called Bitcoin Shop, Inc., which is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Where is the headquarters of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin According to Google

According to Google, bitcoin is a centralized corporation headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. The corporation has at least three Chief Executive Officers, including billionaire investor Warren Buffet, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, and bitcoin evangelist Roger Ver.

Obviously, none of this is true, and bitcoin is a decentralized protocol with no executive team and no headquarters. Let’s see how long it takes Google to correct itself.

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