Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP) To Feature Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric

Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP) To Feature Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric

Google recently announced that they would soon deploy the blockchain to offer customer service and fintech solutions to customers. The official statement was released on July 23. In the blog post, Google mentioned that the users would be able to try open source integration for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric in the Google Cloud Platform later in the year.

Details of the Decision

The company is collaborating with two blockchain-based companies BlockApps and Digital Asset. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, made the revelation. This would allow the company to offer distributed ledger technology solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. As a result, users would be able to explore ways that customers might utilize distributed ledger technology frameworks. Digital Asset is a supplier of distributed ledger software to fintechs. The BlockApps Company offers a blockchain platform where developers can launch their DApps.

Brin is Into Ethereum Mining

In a recent interview, Sergey Brin revealed that he was an Ethereum miner. He is currently the president of Alphabet, the parent company for Google. Brin further revealed that he engaged in Ethereum mining as a side hustle with his 10-year-old son.

Sergey attributes the success of the Google search engine and email service to taking the possibilities offered by new technology seriously. He said that by recognizing new technology as a potential leap, it had helped Google grow. Sergey went on to praise the crypto space for embracing this mindset.

According to Sergey, the spread of cryptography across the web was mind-boggling and it is something that needed to be taken seriously. He also highlighted the concept of zero-knowledge proofs, which powers anonymity-oriented altcoins like ZCash. Sergey admitted that he did quite understand the workings of this technology and termed it once again as mind-boggling.

Despite this move, Google announced a ban on crypto ads in March 2018. The ban was effected on June 1 and it has received a lot of criticism from the crypto community. Brin acknowledged that the company had failed to take the lead when it came to embracing crypto.

The Reaction from the Ethereum Community

Ethereum is currently the second largest crypto by market cap at around 44.5 billion dollars. The reaction from the Ethereum community was overwhelmingly positive. One of the community members said that this move showed tech giants took Ethereum seriously.

The impact

With this new partnership, Google has joined the league of huge companies that are offering Blockchain-as-a-service offerings. Others that have already embraced crypto are Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle Amazon Web Service. The Oracle Amazon Web Serviced debuted in DApps platform in April 2018.

The CEO of Digital Asset said that they were collaborating with Google to offer developers a full stack solution. As a result, they would be able to unleash the full potential of innovation in the blockchain. He added that this would reduce the technical barriers of DLT app development. The partnership would allow them to offer their advanced distributed ledger platform and modeling language to the Google Cloud.