The impact on technology on human lives cannot be underestimated. Take for instance, the internet; it revolutionized communication, transforming the world into a global village. In this age, two discoveries are the talk of the town- these two are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cryptocurrency cloud mining. In his recent newsletter to the founders of the Alphabet, the conglomerate that runs Google and its subsidiaries, Sergey Brin discussed the influence that these two technologies have had in the advancement of the computing age.

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence

Sergey particularly highlighted AI as the most outstanding development in the computing industry during his time. Two decades ago, when the concept of Google was actualized, AI was nothing but a distant vision. Nonetheless, Google has vastly contributed to the leaps made in big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, most of their products, including the iconic search engine, leverage the capabilities of AI.

However, despite all the positivity regarding the implementation of robotics and AI, Sergey also showed a skeptic side. In this regard, he warned that the powerfulness of AI could somewhat work against it, as people are likely to raise concerns about its impact on the society. Questions likely to crop up concerning AI include their effect on employment, their safety, their ability to manipulate, and lastly, the mechanism on which they operate.

Production Of Improved Processors

Additionally, Brin also touched on the impact of digital currency mining on the development of computer processing units. Here, he stated that rising demand for cryptocurrency mining hardware has impelled the development as well as advancement of the computer microprocessor industry. Since this task requires specialized hardware, manufacturers are forced to up their ante or risk being irrelevant to clients. To elaborate further on this fact, Sergey compared the then revered Pentium II processor with modern GPUs. While the former was capable of handling 100 million transactions per second, the latter can clock an enormous 20 trillion transactions within the same period.

Google has displayed somewhat mixed reactions towards cryptocurrencies. The company has explored a number of blockchain use cases and evaluated the technology that runs digital currencies. Contrariwise, the company has remained mum on virtual coins, with the only notable action on this front being the abolishment of related ads and ICOs from the popular search engine.

In addition to Sergey, other technocrats have also warned on the hostile reception of AI by a section of humanity. Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder, infamously described AI as an ‘immortal dictator’, saying that the technology will soon exceed the reasoning prowess of the human brain.

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