GoProfitMax is a cryptocurrency trading signal that uses a unique system to generate profits for investors. The platform analyses cryptocurrencies as well as forex pairs then let’s the members decide whether they want to trade or not. Trading on this platform is free of charge except when one wants private analysis.

The platform relies on donations from members which they accept once a member makes a profit. The donation system is reset every month. The donations that members make on the website is used to hire top talent who carry out thorough and in depth analysis of the market. The analysts also look at the new coins in the market and inform whether they are  a worthy investment.

GoProfitMax Gold Membership

One year subscription as a gold member at a donation of $300 earns one the following services:

  • Access to a telegram group with a maximum of 10 members
  • Can ask about any coin analysis at any time
  • Support on money management
  • Access to all services on the website
  • You tube live discussion and analysis

GoProfitMax Silver Membership

To become a silver member the minimum donation that one needs to make is $ 30 and this expires every month. For this donation, a member has access to a telegram channel where analysis can be found. The member also gets access to an exclusive trading signal that’s not posted on trading view. When one’s donation expires, they are returned to regular members.

Private Technical Analysis

By signing up for private technical analysis, you get a one on one private session that can last between 1 to 3 hours with an experienced analyst. The Private TA bundle allows for 3 lessons a week and the schedule is agreed beforehand. The lesson occur on a running market and isn’t backdated information. Through these lessons, learners get to master how to carry out cryptocurrency technical analysis.

The private TA lessons are done on the tradingview platform that has both chat and drawing methods. These lessons are favorable for both beginners and advanced traders. In this lessons, the focus shifts from use of indicators and external analysis to carrying out pure analysis. The registration fee is $300 for 8 lessons or $500 for 8 lessons and a gold membership access for a whole year.

GoProfitMax Signal Provider Services Available

GoProfitMax provides the following services:

  • An analysis of all profitable cryptocurrencies with a bullish indication and target
  • Sending of new analysis to telegram group
  • Create a portfolio for midterm and long term
  • Private technical lessons and one on one lessons using tradingview
  • Request analysis through youtube, forum or chat

GoProfitMax Conclusion

In conclusion, GoProfitMax trading signal providers is always at work to inform its members on the latest trends in cryptocurrencies. The site claims that a donor can make 100% profit on their investments using the analysis given. There’s however an emphasis on taking the private technical analysis package because this equips with the tools necessary to thrive in any crytpocurrency space. The platform is run by a team of experienced forex traders and financial analysts.


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  1. Please remove this post – Dian Kemala and GoProfitMax have stolen tens of thousands of dollars from people through the false pretense of making a special membership club. They continue to lie and steal. Bit Coin Exchange Guide is facilitating this theft by promoting the group.


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