Gospel Tech Secures £5 Million Investment For Blockchain Backed Enterprise Collaboration

On Monday, September 24, London-based startup, Gospel Technology revealed the news that it raised £5 million in investment from IA Ventures and Salesforce Ventures.

The startup is known for offering goods and services that revolve around enterprise software and ensuring that businesses have the ability to access necessary data while sharing them effectively. Moreover, it is based on the notion of trust, whether this implies between employees or businesses.

Gospel Technology’s ultimate goal is to create an “all-in-one solution that utilizes a private ledger to create a perimeter-less security infrastructure,” as phrased by the team involved. This approach is deemed ideal, as businesses will have control over what’s originally theirs, and can share however they choose to.

Partner at Salesforce Ventures, Alex Kayyal has expressed immense excitement in being able to support Gospel, mainly because of the startup’s “vision of advancing enterprise data sharing through blockchain”.

Roger Ehrenberg from IA Ventures has shared similar emotions to that of Kayyal, emphasizing how pleased he is for adding “Gospel Technology to our trailblazing community of talent and technology”.

He went onto praising blockchain technology, how it can “radically transform the way that organizations will collaborate share data” and the anticipation he has in seeing what Gospel will have to offer.

Chief Analyst at Omnisperience, Teresa Cottam also had a few words to share on Gospel’s future. She not only compared the startup to giants like Google and Apple, who have redefined the way we do things, but also highlighted Gospel as having:

“The potential to change enterprises’ relationship with their data. It does this by bringing to market a breakthrough idea that fixes one of the biggest dilemmas of the Digital Economy,”

which are none other than collaboration, trust and security.

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