GoTenna TxTenna Bitcoin Wallet App

What Is GoTenna?

goTenna, a startup that designs decentralized communications, has launched an Android application which allows users to send Bitcoin payments with an active internet connection.

They look to merge mesh network with Bitcoin transactions which allow users to transact offline. TxTenna is doing this through a partnership with Samourai Wallet. Samourai Wallet is an Android application that when used with goTenna’s antennas, will allow users to send transactions to their recipients.

How TxTenna Bitcoin Wallet App Works Without Internet

TxTenna will authorize transactions to be sent and received with virtually 100% uptime. Once a transaction is signed in the mobile wallet, the offline transaction is passed to the TxTenna app and broadcast to nearby mesh nodes with a paired goTenna mesh device. The transaction is relayed by goTenna devices in the area until an internet-connected node receives it and forwards to the Bitcoin network.

The abstraction is decades-old which sanctions people to use the internet without a Wifi network or an active LAN network. But the other goTenna device has to be within a mile of this device for sending the message across the mesh network. The digital asset user should be within a mile of another active device, transactions bounce across the mesh until it reaches a user with an active internet connection.

goTenna's mesh routers have already been used as a way to provide internet access in areas that might not have any coverage. The routers can bounce internet signals with a radius of about three miles, meaning that people in distant areas can gain access to WiFi. The TxTenna app uses this to securely transfer cryptocurrency as well as more common data.

GoTenna’s team said: “We suggested using the free goTenna SDK to build an app for broadcasting offline bitcoin transactions via goTenna Mesh devices. Today we are pleased to announce that the Samourai team took our suggestion, and went well beyond our expectations! The result is the TxTenna app.”

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