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It was recently announced that Govermedia, known sometimes as the “Alibaba of Russia”, has decided to enter the blockchain market after the explosion of blockchain startups happened a few years ago.

The company is releasing multiple blockchain products to improve how their users shop and make business online. The company was founded in 2014 and this might be its first major change since it was founded.

According to the CEO and director of the company, Roland Bopp, he believes that the company has a chance to dominate the Russian blockchain market because not many e-commerce companies will have the structure that they will. They’ve built a huge platform and assembled experts to create these products.

What Will Govermedia Offer?

The goal of the company is to provide service for Russian speaking countries in the fields of online ads, e-commerce, crowdfunding, messengers, social media and corporate auctions. By using blockchain, these products will be more secure and transparent. The products will also use encryption.

MFLY+, a messaging platform of the company’s ecosystem, will be used for B2B and B2C purposes and will use blockchain to virtually sign documents and make transactions, for instance.


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