What Is Global Protected Crypto Copyright GPCC?

Global Protected Crypto Copyright (GPCC) is developing a platform that uses blockchain technology to protect copyrights. Authors or other creative professionals will be able to submit their work, where it will be scanned to ensure its uniqueness, and then directly sell it through the platform. All transactions on the platform will use an internal currency, the GPCCT, which is currently available in its pre-ICO.

The Team Behind GPCC

GPCC is being developed by a small team based in Russia. The four founding team members have decades of collective experience in business and software development, and most met while working on parazitakusok.ru, which claims to be Russia's largest online shop for stickers.

The project has received some coverage from websites devoted to covering ICOs, including CoinTelegraph and Insider Pro, but it still has only a few thousand followers on its Telegram and social media pages.

GPCC Technology

GPCC's product is a platform that authors can use to protect their work with a copyright, and then carefully control their licensing arrangements with prospective buyers. Authors must first submit their work for review to ensure its uniqueness. Once accepted, authors can define the terms of their copyright, and market the work in any way they choose: to individual readers, small publishers, or even major distributors. The platform will also include a feature for authors to solicit donations and crowdfund their upcoming works. The company's website only specifically mentions authors, but it suggests in passing that the platform can also be used by other creative professionals.

A beta version of the platform is scheduled to launch in May 2018, with the full release taking place a few months later in July. The company mentions that the full release will in fact be six different versions, each tailored to a different locale, but it doesn't identify which ones; moving the product to different markets would likely require not only translating its interfaces, but also adhering to different national copyright laws.


A pre-sale for the GPCC token began on February 7th, 2018. Buyers who participate in the pre-sale will receive a 30% discount, and the ICO will be divided into five further stages with progressively smaller discounts. The company has actually not published dates for any of these phases; the ICO's progress seems determined by the percentage of tokens sold so far, with the pre-sale accounting for 5% of all tokens, and the remaining five phases selling off 16.6% each. The development team kept 10% of tokens, and 2% were allocated for a bounty program that rewards users for attracting new investors.

A total of 200,000,000 GPCC tokens have been created. It is an ERC-20 currency, meaning only Ethereum will be accepted during the ICO, but it will be available on public exchanges in a few months.

The company has not mentioned any plans to manipulate the value of its currency, such as a buy-back and burn program, but demand should be kept very stable since the token will be integral to the platform; it will be the only currency accepted from users seeking to copyright their work, purchase copyrights, or fund an author's crowdfunding campaign.

GPCC Verdict

Allowing authors to control their publications themselves – without any lawyers or agents involved – is an important idea, but GPCC may not be the solution creative professionals have been waiting for. Since it accepts only on its own internal cryptocurrency, authors and publishers not already interested in this technology will likely stay away from the service. Furthermore, allowing creative workers with no legal background to represent themselves in contract negotiations could unfortunately result in worse deals than they currently face. However, the platform is without precedent, so there's no telling how much demand exists for such a service.

Like many companies issuing an ICO, GPCC claims in its roadmap that it expects to gain a large user base within months of its product's release, without any explanation of how this will happen. Investors will need to monitor the popularity of GPCC's platform to determine whether or not the GPCC token is a wise purchase.

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