GraBTC is a bitcoin investment scheme that promises to offer high gains and low risk to help you get rich quick from cryptocurrencies. Here’s our review.

What Is GraBTC?

GraBTC claims to be a bitcoin investment company based in the United Kingdom. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds of looking at, however, before you realize that this is a blatant investment scam.

The first and most obvious red flag is that GraBTC’s investment scams promise to pay 700% interest every day, 7000% interest every 2 days, or 70,000% interest after 3 days – guaranteed. Yes, the company legitimately claims that it will turn your small initial investment into thousands of dollars in just hours.

All you need to do to get started is pay the company $35 to $500. Then, within days, the company will magically turn that money into tens of thousands of dollars.

How Does GraBTC Make Money?

The world’s best investments don’t make 70,000% interest every 3 days. So how has GraBTC managed to beat the system and provide enormous returns to its investors?

The company’s secret to success is never revealed. The company doesn’t claim to invest in any type of funds or cryptocurrencies. They don’t explain their investment strategy, and they don’t provide any proof that they offer returns anywhere close to this.

Instead, GraBTC seems to generate its income exclusively from new memberships. The company has no income-generating program in place: the only way it makes money is when new people sign up for the platform.

When a company sells no products or services and makes money exclusively from new memberships, that typically means it’s a pyramid scheme.

GraBTC Affiliate Commissions

The only positive reviews for you see online are for current affiliates who are trying to earn referral commission. pays referral commissions of 3% to 10%, depending on your initial deposit amount. That means you get 3% to 10% of each new person you refer to the platform. The remaining commission gets funneled to the top of the pyramid scheme.

Who’s Behind GraBTC?

GraBTC, like most bitcoin scams, doesn’t mention much information about itself online. The company refuses to disclose its location or explain anyone involved with the project.

The only “clue” we have is the company’s corporate registration number, which is 05751407. Whoever created the GraBTC scam apparently took the time to register a corporation in the UK – although to be fair, anyone can do this in hours online. That company number links to a company called BTC Assets Limited.

However, the registration document at the official GraBTC website shows that the registration is for – not BTC Assets Limited. So GraBTC has forged documents in an attempt to convince people it’s a legitimate company.

BTC Assets Limited was incorporated on March 22, 2016. It’s unclear if the company is connected to GraBTC in any way – or if GraBTC just stole their corporate registration number in an effort to appear legitimate.

For the record, GraBTC uses the same mailing address as BTC Assets Limited (9 Bromells Road in London, England).

The only other contact information we have for GraBTC is a single email address: [email protected]

GraBTC Conclusion

We can find no evidence to suggest that is a legitimate investment opportunity. Based on all of the information we can find online, appears to be a blatant bitcoin investment scam. The company makes ridiculous promises about its ROI (you can make 70,000% gains in just 3 days, guaranteed) but refuses to disclose any information about itself online.

If you believe someone on the internet is going to pay you 70,000% interest to borrow money for three days, then this probably won’t be the last time you get scammed. Avoid at all costs: the company is setup to steal your money.

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