Peer-to-peer networks are becoming popular on a massive scale, and the capability to perform efficient operations are just one of the reasons fueling the growth of the innovation. However, some of these networks are still plagued with problems of scalability as their witness growth in users.

Such a scenario has necessitated system designers to resort to using supernodes as a way to address the issues of scalability and have a much more efficient operation. GRAFT, the decentralized payment gateway, is working on their very own viable solution in the latest release of the RTA Supernodes. The GRAFT-based supernodes will operate under the GRAFT payment network to provide additional functionality such as the transaction process and governance.

Overview of the GRAFT Supernode

The GRAFT Network will have an ecosystem of supernodes used to authorize quick transactions, provide external system connectivity and as well act as service brokers.

  • Full supernode

The Full supernode is the foundation element supernode that allows for authorizations, arbitration and service brokers. The node will require users to have a stake to make it operational.

  • Proxy supernode

As the name suggests, the proxy supernode acts similarly to the full supernode but will not carry out the functions of authorizations, arbitration or accommodate the service brokers. Instead, the supernode will function as a trusted relay between the GRAFT Wallet or Point of Sale app and the Authorization sample platform.

GRAFT Blockchain Co-founder, Dan Itkis took time to elaborate on their concept.

“GRAFT's solution makes sense both technically and economically, while staying true to the decentralized model of cryptocurrency, and enabling people to service the various parts of the network. GRAFT looks at its people as the network.”

About Graft Network

GRAFT Network is the brainchild of Slava Gomzin and Dan Itkis, both with backgrounds in payments solutions and product management respectively. Slava Gomzin has had a career in renowned payment solutions and is also an author of several tech books. On the other hand, Dan implements recognized technology to bring the product to the market. Their combined efforts could see GRAFT become an ideal design to provide seminal work and address the issues that cryptocurrency face at the point of sale.

The Real-Time Authorization Supernode alpha was bound for release to come August 1, and the first release will be available on the TestNet through the RTA test volunteer team. The Supernode testing will be available through signing up.

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