Gramarye Media

What Is Gramarye Media?

Gramarye Media is the world’s first content incubator. It incorporates a disruptive book publisher, a film studio, a game developer and others creating a cross-media entertainment platform. Gramarye media aims at providing reduced risk and lower costs in the production of original content. It also aims at reducing by at least half, the time taken to produce films in Hollywood and to eliminate sunk costs by generating revenue from productions that don’t eventually air.

Gramarye Media is the first major studio to be funded by a cryptocurrency offer through an SEC compliant ICO. It uses blockchain utility tokens to provide rewards and incentives to users on the platform. Besides production, the platform will also own distribution channels in order to capture the entire value chain.

The Lumiere (LUM) token are the platform’s native currency built on the Ethereum platform. The token’s presale commenced in June 2018 at a 30% discount and they are expected to be delivered by August along with Wallet instructions.

Gramarye Media Team Members

John Adcox serves as Gramarye media’s CEO. He has over 20 years experience in advertising, marketing, integrated media strategy among others. He has previously worked with AT&T, Mercedes-Benz, IBM, Pfizer and Microsoft among others.

Alice P. Neuhauser: The president of Gramarye media has extensive experience in financial management for the entertainment industry. She was involved in the production of Terminator 2, The bank job, The forbidden kingdom among others.

Don Dudenhoeffer, Chief Creative Officer. Don has over 11 years experience in creative design and implementation. He led the first design team to win an Emmy award in interactive TV. He works with emerging technologies in interactive TV, mobile devices, video distribution etc.

How Gramarye Media Crypto Asset Security System Works

Gramarye focuses on a core idea and develops content around it across the different media channels so as to create multiple avenues for revenue. It will also employ data mining to better understand its user base in order to create content that meets the market’s needs. Users will be able to vote on distribution of profits earned by the platform based on the proportion of tokens owned. Each smart contract developed on the platform will be audited for transparency.

Gramarye Media Lumiere Token ICO Details

Supply of the LUM tokens will be limited to a maximum of 1 billion units with a nominal value of USD 1. The initial supply will be limited to USD 175 million for accredited investors and the rest released based on project development needs over a 10 year period. LUM tokens can be purchased in ETH or most other major fiat currencies. Gramarye media plans to list LUM on many different exchanges to improve liquidity. The initial price of the token is USD 1 a unit and price changes will depend on Gramarye media’s activities and trading in exchanges.

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