The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies in popularity since their inception into the market has been met with hopes of reaping huge financial benefits from them. Technology enthusiasts, finance experts and investors have all flocked to the market.

Most notably is the way the new medium has turned the focus away from the central authority of banks towards a more decentralized platform where everyone can contribute and benefit. It has achieved the shift through crypto mining. One company – Gramaton, has foreseen a future in which cryptocurrency is the main transactional medium and seeks to make crypto mining accessible to the masses in the near future.

What Is Gramaton?

Gramaton is the first crowdfunded and operational cloud mining organization.

Crypto mining is a complex process that requires extremely complicated mathematical problems. Moreover, solving such advanced calculations need computational power that far supersedes the standard consumer-grade laptops and PCs owned by most persons and organizations. Additionally, high quality specialized hardware, dedicated secure facilities, 24-hours technical support and low-cost energy are all necessary requirements to carry out mining successfully.

That’s where Gramaton comes in. Gramaton has a world-class mining facility that’s constructed in Belarus. The center was built to enable anyone, their location notwithstanding, to invest in crypto mining through participating on their platform. Participation can be gained through purchasing the Gramaton tokens during crowdsales.

Gramaton Blockchain Crypto Cloud Mining Coin Benefits

  • It has monthly payouts of up to 15%.
  • It promises very profitable mining by selecting highly profitable cryptocurrencies.
  • It has an expert team panel with long years of experience.
  • It’s already in business with an operational facility.
  • It’s tax free on mining and receiving any cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • It has extremely cheap electricity rates at 0.05 EUR per kWh.

Gramaton GRAN Token ICO Details

  • Token Name: GRAN
  • Total number of tokens: 250,000,000 GRAN
  • Soft cap: 25,000,000 GRAN
  • Hard cap: 212,500,000 GRAN


  • May 20th 2018 – May 27th 2018


  • May 28th 2018 – July 24th 2018

Token Distribution

  • Public – 85%
  • Founding team – 10%
  • Research and development – 3%
  • ICO bounty program – 2%

Funds Allocation

  • GRAN token holders – 80%
  • Upgrading hardware and software – 15%
  • Electricity and facility maintenance – 5%

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