SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc has announced the release of its  Blockchain solution offering

SmartCard Marketing, Inc. (OTC:SMKG) is a Fintech solutions provider to the global payments industry delivering a cloud-based EMV Host platform to Issuing & Acquiring banks, telecoms & global enterprises

Its Granularchain is a blockchain solution for creating digital ID keys for financial institutions, merchants and individuals to transact and maintain compliance.

It is a methodical new approach to KYC and Privacy rules including the Cryptocurrency market with embedded Blockchain technology. Granularchain is essential for Financial Institutions and Global Enterprises to anticipate the digitalization of Money or Cash, Points, Rewards, Checks, Invoicing and other types of compensation schemes that will emerge. A DIGITAL ID KEY for all! We simplify the process by using ISO 8583 standards and integration via API's to offer seamless transactions in real-time.

The blockchain solution offers both merchants and customers the ability to select participating Financial institutions as well to transact with them. In addition, the solution can be offered as a closed loop ecosystem for ICO's, MSB's, Rewards, Gaming & Entertainment Industries. It allows customers and merchants the ability to be transparent, all the while, reducing the risk of fraud.

According to the CEO Massimo Barone, SmartCard Marketing Systems is excited by its entry into the Blockchain marketplace with a great unique product offering. The acceptance by the Financial Industry and Governments in most Countries has further accelerated the Cryptocurrency marketplace, creating a new alternative to Credit Cards, Cash, Checks & Points as forms of payments and redemption.

How Granularchain Blockchain Digital ID KEY Works

Once signed up, all participants are issued unique credentials and can exchange information and enter into a transaction while vaulting the tokenized transactional data. has positioned itself technology-wise as a 3rd party custodian to the encapsulated transaction- all parties keep the stored value.

All participants in can use the key generator engine to issues unique keys for documents or initiate transactions with any 2nd or 3rd party. All keys and transactions including the participating vendors or merchants are vaulted securely.

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