graph blockchain

Most existing data solutions for businesses and government agencies are not the best for real-time transactions. They have slow data processing speed leading to low performance. Graph BlockChain hopes to change this. This platform offers uncompromising performance due to its unique data ingestion capabilities. The system enhances transaction response speed up to 1,000 times faster due to the use of the high performing and unique AgensGraph Engine.

Graph BlockChain limited is a blockchain development company that provides state of the art blockchain solutions for government agencies and corporations. The platform combines blockchain technology and graph technology to speed up blockchain transaction processing allowing for near real-time analysis that would otherwise be too slow using the existing systems. Additionally, the platform allows organizations to analyze and represent large volume transactions in a complementary manner. The platform provides uncompromising performance due to its unique capability of data ingestion.

graph blockchain

Advantages of Graph BclockChain

The platform provides the advantages below:

Provision of a Competitive Advantage

This is possible as the technology increases transaction speed by 1,000 times. The technology allows for the presentation of data from the blockchain to the dashboard to occur at a much faster speed and efficiency. This makes the solution the best for real-time transactions in sectors such as FinTech, real estate, and Banking.

Data Management

By use of the Graph BlockChain platform, data is presented to the dashboards and user interfaces in real time. The platform comes up with a customized solution that allows the access to data for strategic decisions. The technology also allows for the filtering of data into transaction data and all the related content increases the efficiency of the solution.

Real-time Advanced Analytics

The platform provides advanced analytics in real time. This allows businesses to gain insights that are not possible using traditional methods. The data in this platform is organized in a unique manner allowing for executable business insights.

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