The global economy is on a constant rise, and just like many other sectors, the gambling industry couldn’t get any better. Therefore, the emergence of new players in the industry doesn’t come as a surprise. And with over 49% of gambling activities taking place on various online platforms, there is a need to come up with a long-lasting solution to tap on this promising sector, and that’s where Graz comes in.

What Is Graz?

Graz in a digital, decentralized online platform that works to host all betting lovers from across the world. The platform provides an avenue through which individuals can place their bets from anywhere and at whatever time, without worrying about the possibilities of winning earnings. Users gain access to various domains that deal with science, the film industry, economics, politics, betting lines and many others, where they conveniently place bets and win cash.

How Does This Work?

On the Graz platforms, users make person to person bets amongst themselves on various onboard activities. However, the coefficients of multiple bets depend on individuals that propose the stakes. Through this, individuals agree to the familiar terms of operation unlike placing bets on other online shops with predetermined coefficients, which might not even be favorable for all games. Additionally, members can decide to come up with their bet terms or shop around the platform and select from what other users have at hand.

Furthermore, the use of blockchain and smart contract technology ensures everything runs well while assuring participants of their security and privacy. Also, this feature enables users to create their forms of tokens that they get to use for all betting activities as well as other Cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Reasons To Join Graz?

In addition to the features as mentioned earlier, the Graz platform gives its users a unique opportunity to place bets with unlimited coins, with accommodative features for frequent winners on the platform. All this is made possible through the use of the grazcoins (GRZ). However, all users have to possess Ethereum wallets and some GRZ coins to qualify for on-platform bets. Interested parties get to purchase the coins during the ICO period and later on through the Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The bets emerge with only one winner, thus requiring other players to buy more tokens for subsequent betting adventures. Through this, the platform aims to maintain the sustainability of the GRZ coins in the marketplace.

Furthermore, according to the developers of this platform, part of the earnings will go to marketing activities that seek to increase the number of new users. Through this, Graz tries to maintain the growth of up to 4 million active users in 2020. If anything goes by the claims, then you would want to be part of this growing community. The Pre ICO stage is still ongoing and will end on 2nd April 2018, with 3 million tokens up for sale.

While the Graz betting platform brings a new twist to the gaming sector, it faces stiff competition from the numerous coming up iGaming platforms. Therefore, you should invest with caution as there is no 100% success guarantee.

Graz Platform Conclusion

The Graz platform embraces person to person betting in its blockchain enabled platform. On the overall, the site seems well organized with substantial information. However, no matter how lucrative the marketing message might sound, you should take precaution in your investment.

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