GREENISH Review: Get Monthly Payout For Holding This Cryptocurrency

If you do like earning a regular dividend as a passive income, then Greenish should interest you. The cryptocurrency works on a strategy to reward its holder in monthly allowances for holding them. Here's more on the native coin.

What Is Greenish?

Greenish is a crypto-based platform that intends to provide for monthly payments as incentives to this token holders. Under their decentralized platform, Greenish hope to facilitate an alternative cryptocurrency-based retirement plan or pension with their lifetime monthly allowances. By creating the fixed monthly benefit on the blockchain, Greenish desire to create a safer and much viable financial solution for pension funds.

Greenish Features

  • Greenish coin- Greenish users will get the fixed monthly allowances in the form of a Greenish coin which is the ecosystem's native token.
  • Greenish wallet- Greenish members qualify for an e-wallet to hold their Greenish coin and receive their monthly payouts
  • Gamer section- the Gamer section interlinks with the monthly allowance in that it provides the users with different types of games and advertisements which help earn passive income

How Greenish Fixed Allowance Crypto Game Rewards Works

Greenish will rely on the Gamer section to generate revenue from where it gets collected and goes into a reserve fund. The fund will facilitate the monthly payouts. Game developers are also part of the section, with offers to develop games and submit them to the team members for approval for use on the platform. For one to become a member, they would have to settle to purchase the Greenish coin as it acts as shares for one to become eligible for the gaming income and allowance plan.

Greenish Benefits

  • Fewer charges regarding the transaction fees on the Greenish blockchain
  • No chargebacks with the Greenish coin, which significantly reduces chances of fraud
  • The Gamer section provides extra income to the user.
  • Faster transactions for the monthly allowance settlements and transactions
  • Inflation control on the Greenish Blockchain works to control the token's quantity through algorithms and limits
  • The referral program features a four-level bonus system for users of different investment levels.

Greenish Coin GREE Token ICO Details

  • Pre-sale bonus- 15 May, 2018- 25 May, 2018
  • Public Sale- 5th June, 2018- 24 July, 2018
  • ICO token bonus- 60 million
  • Signup Bonus- first 20,000 users get 50 GREE Coin

Token Details

  • Ticker- GREE
  • Platform- ETH
  • Accepts- BTC, ETH
  • Total amount- 500 Million tokens
  • For sale- 200 million
  • Token price- 1 GREE COIN= 0.10 USD
  • Hard cap- $20 M
  • Soft cap- $3 M
  • Minimum investment- 0.01 BTC/ 0.1 ETH
  • Restrictions- Non U.S individuals only

Bonus Structure


  • 1M TO 10M TOKEN: 50% BONUS
  • 11M TO 20M TOKEN: 40% BONUS
  • 21M TO 30M TOKEN: 35% BONUS


  • 31M TO 80M TOKEN: 30% BONUS
  • 81M TO 130M TOKEN: 20% BONUS
  • 131M TO 170M TOKEN: 10% BONUS
  • 171M TO 200M TOKEN: 5% BONUS

Is Greenish Viable In Fulfilling Its Promise?

Greenish prides itself as the first monthly allowance payout cryptocurrency. However, I would safely conclude that the notion is somewhat far-fetched since there are already plenty of dividends paying ICOs in the making or already in working. While Greenish does have the uniqueness of the games, their concept still lacks a substantial cause for any attention.

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