What Is GreenLink?

GreenLink is a new initiative that created a blockchain-based protocol and ecosystem that was designed to enable people to trace the origin of sustainable products and to verify their eco-certification at the same time that enables the user to reward companies for sustainable efforts. GreenLink is a property of Boxgreen, a Singapore-based company.

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How GreenLink Boxgreen's Blockchain Social Good Project Works

The main advantage of using GreenLink is that you will be able to trace the origin of products and verify if the information is true. This creates an ecosystem in which people will be able to trust that the products that they buy will be up to their standards and they will reward the companies for following these standards.

This is also the first social enterprise in Asia to use the blockchain technology in a way that it can drive sustainability, something that some American and European companies already did. The result of this ecosystem is that it creates a space in which consumers and brands can participate and there are rewards for both of them.

This is very important today because more and more consumers are trying to cause a less negative impact on the world today and companies have to follow this new trend. By creating this type of transparency, the market can be considerably improved in many different aspects and consumer knowledge will be one of them, along with their trust.

GreenLink uses the ERC20 protocol and is currently based on the Ethereum blockchain. The name of the token will be IMPACT.

What Problems Does GreenLink Address?

One of the main issues that this new protocol can help companies and users is that it gives more authenticity to brands and eco-certifications will be considerably more transparent by using it. Lack of transparency hurts the trust and therefore ends up hurting the market and the customers. By using the digital ledger technology, this data can be verified.

Other issues that this company might help are that products are not easy to track because of an opaque supply chain and this reduces the action of the consumers to create and act in a sustainable space.

Why would a company use this service? Because not only it would create an eco-friendly image and help to maintain it, but the company would also be able to get rewards via a loyalty program that lets the users rewards the brands.

The company will also give 0.5% of its tokens to charities. This way, you will be able to stake your tokens to vote on which charities should receive them. The CEO of GreenLink believes that opaque and complex supply chains have become a challenge for sustainability transparency and this company will act to give transparency to this market for once and for all.

GreenLink IMPACT Token ICO Verdict

If you are a company or a consumer concerned with the environment, you will certainly find something useful in this company’s program. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of GreenLink is still not ready, but you might want to give it a look if you were interested in the company.

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