GreenWorld Farm

The world is filled with unnatural food that causes many health issues. This has led to increased popularity for organic farming and healthy natural foods. However, there are still those who believe that it is impossible to grow food using 100% organic methods. Green World Farm proves this can be achieved when farmers decide to sacrifice some effort, time, investment, and funds.

The Problem GreenWorld Farm Seeks To Solve

The biggest challenge facing organic farming is the cost. Most farmers prefer inorganic methods because they are easier to manage and the profits are huge. Livestock production using organic methods is even harder and needs more effort and investment. Organic labels used by most farmers also give false information claiming that the food is produced using 100% organic methods, which is often untrue.

The GreenWorld Farm Blockchain Organic Farming Solution

The team at Green World Farm is trying to popularize organic food farming and organic livestock production. The farms for this project are situated in locations with favorable climates. The platform also hopes to raise funds during the ongoing ICO for food and livestock production using organic methods. The produce harvested from these farms will be exported and sold to consumers at affordable prices. The food produced will include food such as carrots, maize, cucumber, and livestock products such as pork, beef, eggs, chicken, and turkey.

GreenWorld Farm GWF Token ICO Details

The token symbol is GWF and it will be priced at 1 ETH= 8,000 GWF or 1 GWF=0.000125 ETH. The token is an ERC-20 token and is compatible with the Ethereum network. The total tokens that will be in supply will be 300,000,000 tokens. The minimum expected contribution from each investor will be 0.5 ETH.

The farm hopes to reach a hard cap of 25,000 ETH and a soft cap of 2500 ETH. The ICO is already underway having started on 14th May 2018 and will end on 14th July this year. Accepted payment options include ETH and BTC. The transfer of the payments will have to be made from an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.

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