GreenX Network Review

What Is GreenX?

The GreenX Network is a blockchain ecosystem that was created with the objective of enabling both individuals and institutions to profit from investing in renewable energy projects with diminished risks.

The company was created because there is a high demand for investment with renewable energy projects but sometimes they face difficulties when to get their funding. As some investors consider these projects to be risky, they tend to choose other ones and the GreenX Network intends to chance that.

The creators of the GreenX Network believe in the potential of the so-called green energy and also in its rentability. This market has been growing constantly since the last decade and even in recent years the numbers are amazing. Because of this, renewable energy can definitely be the energy of the future, at least according to the company.

For the developers of renewable energy projects, the GreenX Network can represent an easy way to enter into a global pool of funds that can be paid upfront by the investors. While for the people interested in investing, they can have the chance to know more about companies that will probably be successful and invest in them even if they do not have many funds.

How GreenX Green Energy Crypto Network Works

The GreenX Network will use AI-based comparative risk analysis to be sure that the companies indicated by it will be the best choices that its clients can make to get profit from this market. It will enable these investors to purchase equities from these companies by using its tokens.

The company has decided to use the blockchain technology especially because of the security that can be provided by the smart contracts, which execute transactions if certain conditions are met. It also allows the projects to be tokenized, which could be considerably harder if the company decided not to use this type of technology.

What GreenX Network intends to do is to become a global decentralized funding platform that can be accessed by any person that has the tokens to do it. Also, the company has an interest in creating a platform that can be considered fully transparent and the blockchain is also ideal for that.

By dividing the data collected by on-chain and off-chain, the GreenX Network can be sure that sensitive information like the Know Your Customer information that the company will gather will really stay hidden from the public eye, as it should be, while the public terms of the investments made on the platform will be fully transparent and auditable.

GreenX Network Investment Process

This platform could be considered a huge crowdsourcing platform for this market. It will use its technology to find and select the best companies and then allow investors to participate in pools to buy tokenized shares of investments from these companies. All the transactions will be validated via smart contracts that will connect investor and companies that will receive the money.

All projects have to send investment proposals to the company, that will let its team and the AI tech decide if that company is really good enough to enter in the platform. After the platform is chosen, it will be listed and crowdfunded by the users that will buy shares from the investment that GreenX Network will make on the company.

By investing with pools, the GreenX Network will be able to get the best prices in the market for its users. Only projects that are compliant with all the transparency and security rules of the company will be accepted on the platform.

GreenX GREENX Token ICO Details

To buy GREENX tokens during the sale, you have to be whitelisted. Whitelisting has begun on April 15 and it is still happening right now, so be sure to do it. A total of 225,000,000 GREENX tokens will be sold in the two phases of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The phase 1 will begin on June 15 and the Phase 2 on July 1.

The soft cap of the ICO will be 2,500 ETH and each token will cost $0.20 USD. You can buy the GREENX tokens with ETH. The majority of the funds, 80%, will be used on the development of the ecosystem.

GreenX Network Verdict

Our current opinion is that the GreenX Network definitely has the potential to stand out among the ICOs of this season. While the idea of the company might not be necessarily what you could call innovative, it uses what already has been done to create what it looks like it might be a profitable product.

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