Bitcoin Featured on Grey's Anatomy

Bitcoin has been grabbing headlines around the world lately due to a massive surge in value, which has investors, market observers, and armchair crypto enthusiasts around the world on the edge of their seats.

In addition to grabbing news headlines, however, Bitcoin is beginning to gain a foothold in pop culture. Bitcoin has recently been featured in an episode of popular TV comedy Big Bang Theory, but has also made an unexpected- and somewhat accurate- appearance in hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy.

The Grey’s Anatomy episode appeared to draw from recent real-life events in which UK hospitals suffered from widespread ransomware attacks. Interestingly, this hack was attributed to the Wanna Decryptor, which appears to use an exploit developed by the NSA that was leaked by the Shadow Brokers hacking group.

In the episode, Seattle Grace Hospital- the setting of the Grey’s Anatomy program- suffers from a ransomware attack that locks down the entire building, with an anonymous hacker requesting 5,000 Bitcoin- which, in the setting of the program has a price tag of over $20 million USD- to restore functionality.

While the real value of 5,000 BTC is closer to $58 million USD, it’s refreshing to see Bitcoin used in serious, literal context in pop culture- even if it is used in association with hacking and cybersecurity issues.

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