When getting into the crypto market, you could either decide to do some mining, go the buy and sell option or even do both of them. As a result, there is an investment platform that will promise you some good returns. But the investment platform we are looking at is one that will offer you mining services.

The company is called Gridcash, and they are in the service of mining cryptocurrencies that are present, all this is done on user's browsers. The company will enable traffic owners to do the mining of the currencies in various browsers on visitor’s computers. Sounds something interesting, well read on as we explore what you can gain or what the platform has in store for you.

About GridCash Company

GridCash has designed a straightforward integration to ensure all investors don’t have a problem when signing up on the platform. It is just a few steps that you follow, that is sign up on the platfrom, once you're signed up you create a stream then choose the mining intensity that you are comfortable with working with, integrate the code that is provided then you start earning your profit.

You can enjoy maximum profits while your mining is taking place as you are also able to earn some additional money from the traffic you get. Mining could not get any easier than this.

How It All Works

The purpose of this service the company has provided enables the various traffic owners, advertising nets, webmasters, internet providers, traffic managers, or any individual who can integrate a code the ability to mine crypto-coins in various browsers on the visitor’s computers.

The mining of cryptocurrency will take place for as long as your visitor is on your page, this is all thanks to the integrated code that the company has developed. At the moment the company is able to mine Monero (XMR).

The company has been mining Monero because it is a secure, untraceable and private cryptocurrency, that is also open source and has been made accessible to all investors. When you use Monero, you are essentially your own bank, as you are the person who is controlling and responsible for these funds you have accumulated.

But this is not all, all the transactions that you do will be kept private from the prying eyes that roam the internet, so there is nothing safer than this.

To successfully mine Monero, you have to do some calculations on the hashes with an algorithm that is called Cryptonight. So to get your payments from the platform, this is done per solved hash. The payout rate is usually calculated automatically every few minutes, but this is based on the global difficulty that might exist in the Monero Network plus the average reward provided per block.

So once the payment has been processed you can get your money in Monero (XMR) or Webmoney (WMZ). The only thing is the platform does not usually support payments to be made in plain XMR address that have separate payment ids.

You might be wondering; will your visitors notice the mining that is taking place? The mining in the browser is only exhibited in the users loading processor. But in the event there is long mining taking place the cooler may be turned on your User’s PC, just to cool down their processor.

GridCash Conclusion

The company has thought of the best way you can utilize your current visitors and make a profit from it; you are honestly going to enjoy maximum profits while your mining is in progress with little effort from your side. From us, you should be a part of this promising growing platform.

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