People who join GroceryBit are called Grocery Miners. Consumers all over the world need to save more and go beyond store discount cards and grocery coupons. Grocery Miners are retail subscribers that utilize their smart mobile devices to snap pictures of their grocery shopping receipt. They will then enter some basic data and send it to GroceryBit. At GroceryBit, the data is mined so that consumers do not have to do it. GroceryBit utilizes technology to monetize this data into a Free Bitcoin, which is sent back to the consumers. Grocery Miners can be found globally.

How Does GroceryBit Work?

With GroceryBit, any store anywhere in the world can be part of this platform. Users only need to subscribe to this service for $40 a month. There is a possibility of receiving up to $200 Free Bitcoin each month. Besides that, Grocery Miners will receive 10% in Free Bitcoin every month from their restaurant, grocery, and gas purchase data.

GroceryBit And The Blockchain

GroceryBit is a platform that intends to disrupt the global Grocery industry. To do this, they will deploy the blockchain technology. This has been made possible by the powerful and visionary patent pending inventions made by Frederick Weih, the founder.

The founder wanted to find a solution to making the Grocery Sector more efficient, productive, and responsive to the needs of shoppers globally. To achieve this, Grocery Miners and BitBuilders are already making important steps towards the future.

The Pivotal Blockchain Technology (PBT) will connect people and processes in a way that were impossible before. Consumers will be able to drive the food industry from the bottom. The technology is revolutionizing the entire food sector. GroceryBit is Free Enterprise that utilizes the blockchain to improve the quality of life for all.

Understanding the Blockchain and its Use on GroceryBit

Many people have heard of the blockchain but they have little understanding of how it works or what it does. The ordinary person who is looking to save some cash during shopping or during gas purchases is whom GroceryBit was designed for. It is also quite useful for people who want to build a business using the BitBuilder Program.

The good thing about utilizing the blockchain is that there is no central control. Thus, it cannot be switched off or stopped. Bitcoin is amongst the many currencies which utilize the blockchain. Bitcoin is the most stable and reliable currency to utilize the blockchain. It was also the first digital coin to be run on the blockchain technology.

About BitBuilder Program

Disruptive technology does not just occur spontaneously. In most cases, industries that are centuries old like the grocery industry combine with something futurist to disrupt an industry. This is being called BitBuilding. BitBuilders are independent business owners that seize the opportunity to build fast moving businesses. The BitBuilders will enroll Grocery miners who will scan supermarket, gas, and restaurant receipts via the GroceryBit app. This data is monetized and Bitcoin is given to the Grocery Miner. BitBuilders create an income by enrolling Grocery Miners.

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