They haven’t reinvented the wheel; they simply follow the cash – Gron Digital.

People still haven’t realized the full power of blockchain and they think it is just another cause of more problems than a solution, and that is one big misconception and Gron Digital with a team of expert are here to show people the true extent to which they can go with a smart wallet. Making a multi-billion dollar industry out of what people think can never be possible.

What Is Gron Digital?

They are a company that offers a platform where betting and gambling takes place using codes that can be verified cryptographically with any human aid thereby providing a blockchain platform that is very safe and secured. A utility token called the GRO operates this platform and it enables the users to get services and values when exchanged.

Gron Digital Sports Betting & Gambling Platform Benefits

For the players – they get transparency, protection, payouts guaranteed and easy payment methods.

For the owner – they get solutions to problems, a platform for easy payout, payment guaranteed and they only pay for services they use only.

For the Bookmarker – easy payments methods, no Chargeback, feeds and results that are reliable and full transparency.

For the developer – it is easy to integrate, provide market exposure and usage payment is a guarantee.

For the regulator – they get audit trail transparency, dispute resolution and in-built Licensing and KYC.

For the odds and results provider – they get payments for the provision of services, a unified platform, and market exposure.

For the affiliate – they get instant payment, continuity in business and players’ reactivation and resolution.

For the bankroller – they get risk backing for rewards, instant payment, and transparent audit trail.

Gron Digital Problems They Solve

  • Control of funds
  • KYC/FICA and AML process
  • Winning payouts and Dispute Resolution
  • Payment Processing
  • Detect bonus abuse and illegal activities.

Gron Digital GRO Token ICO Road Map

In 2012 they launched their casino games that are server based with about 158 slots videos and 12 table games. In 2014 they obtained their license for gambling and sports betting. In that same year, their Netfinity wagering Record was certified, their letter of compliance was also obtained and their betting and lotto platform was launched.

By 2016, Blockchain and smart contract are recognized as the best approach to gambling and betting and they developed their sports betting and lotto prototypes. In 2017 Q2, they decided to raise funds through ICO and by 2018 Q1, January the pre-ICO was initiated and in March it was started with full force and they also developed the GRON platform too.

In 2018 Q2, they will be integrating their exiting with the Gron platform and make the GRO the Token. They also want to list the GRO on a major exchange, integrate result provider and start the referrals and affiliates programs.

By 2018 Q3, created the mobile and desktop skills game and the mobile and desktop lottery application. By the end of 2018 Q4, desktop casino application will be launched.

In 2019 Q1, sports and horse racing betting application and by 2019 Q3 they will release the protocol and framework for developers.

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