The blockchain technology has been used for many activities and authentication of information is one of them. Many companies are starting to use the blockchain tech for authentication systems and the company that we will review today, Group Project, is one of them.

What Is Group Project?

Created with the objective of defending brands, consumers and the retailers and counterfeits, the Group Project is a blockchain and authentication company. The company saw a problem in how the industry did not have intelligent and efficient solutions to deal with authentication, so with the rise of the blockchain technology, Group Project decided to create a solution for these problems.

The company’s goal is the creation of a fail-safe authentication system which will use the blockchain technology. The result was the creation of a crypto-tag, an adhesive tag which can be used to tag many different products and give relevant data to the customer when they are scanned with a mobile device capable of understanding the tag.

How Group Project Supply Chain Authentication Blockchain Works

This platform intends to be a helping hand for companies and people who need verification. The invention of the Crypto-Tags is the main step to get that done. The crypto-tag do not run on battery and they can be easily scanned by mobile devices. By receiving information about the product, you will know that it is a genuine product, not a false one.

All the data of the products will be stored on the blockchain, so all the data will be immutable, unfalsifiable and encrypted, which can help to protect the data. There will be a lot of information about the products on the blockchain like where they were made and by whom.

The company states that, as the project uses blockchain technology, it is impossible to replicate the crypto-tags and pass on fake goods as real ones, which will make them really safe.

The company has the objective of launching the final version of its product during 2019, so it will be working full-time during 2018 to ensure that this will, in fact, happen.

How To Invest In Group Project GRUP ICO Details

Do you want to invest in Group Project? Then it can certainly be a great idea to invest in this company during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) because it will be the best chance for you to buy the tokens for their best price before they go exchanges and you have to pay the market price for them which will be way bigger.

The pre-ICO of the company starts on April 30 and it lasts until May 13. After that, the main sale begins and you will be able to invest until its end, on June 14. You can buy 1000 GRUP tokens with only 1 ETH. The total supply of tokens is 100 million GRUP tokens, 25 million of which will be sold during the ICO.

Group Project Verdict

Is the Group Project a good investment for you? It can certainly be an interesting one, that is for sure. If you plan to use Crypto-Tags on your products, it will be a great idea to invest in this company right now, as you will be able to get the services of this company paying a lot less for them if you do that. We can assure that the technology behind the products being offered by this company is impressive.

If your only interest in the Group Project is money, we have good news, too. The project might take some time to actually start to be profitable, so it looks like this is for patient investors, but we can assure you that the company has a great chance of becoming an interesting business with time and that there is a return on investment to be gained from this company.

Take your time and think about this investment. The Group Project might really be an interesting option for you if you are looking for an innovative company which really wants to be on top of the market and to get a very profitable return with its business.

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