With crypto currencies slowly infiltrating unique domains such as solar power, vehicle distribution, it comes as no surprise that the blockchain is now being used to promote various “real sector technologies”. GTurbo is one such venture, and can be thought of as a ”token-option” that enables gas turbine production. However, unlike other similar projects, it comes backed with an already ‘operational business model’ that is currently delivering a turnover in excess of a billion dollars.

What Is GTurbo?

As mentioned earlier, GTurbo is a company that is primarily known for its production of gas turbines. They have been in this domain for over a decade and have a annual turnover of 1.2 billion dollars. The company is offering users with an all new crypto platform via which potential investors can put in money into the company. Investors will be delivered native tokens which will be based entirely within the Ethereum blockchain. As a result of this, all investments and transactions within the GTurbo ecosystem will be completely transparent, and users will be able to see where their money has been spent.

At this point it should also be mentioned that, GTurbo has been producing turbines for various companies, and in the recent past has come up with novel technologies that are able to facilitate the production of ammonium nitrate at a much faster rate (and in a more sustainable fashion). Ammonium Nitrate has been described as “the main agricultural fertilizer in the world” and thus has large investment potential.

Why Choose GTurbo?

Market Potential:

As mentioned earlier, GTurbo deals exclusively with the production of high performance turbines that have been found to be quality value assets in today's “agriculture economy”. Thus, any investment in this domain can potentially be highly lucrative.


Another key aspect of this token (GTR) is that it is “not subject to inflation and volatility”. This is done via the creation of a limited currency pool that allows for the easy “preservation and multiplying of initial capital”.

Good Projected Returns:

While we cannot confirm these figures, some statistical studies show that the crypto based agriculture market has large monetary potential (in excess of 300%).


Since the system is completely decentralized, users can be sure that their funds are handled in the most efficient and secure way possible. In addition to this, there is also an option of a “full buyout” that customers can avail of at any given time after the initial investment has been made.


As mentioned previously, this system has been designed in a way such that it allows for scalability, as and when the market conditions require.

What Does Gas Turbine Market Data Suggest?

Since the agriculture sector still dominates the economic engine of most countries, it comes as no surprise that gas turbines such as the “GTT-3 (M) and GTT-3PN” are used extensively for the production of ”non-concentrated nitric acid”. This acid serves as the foundation for many fertilizers that are used to increase crop yield and improve soil quality. Thus, investments made in this domain have been projected to increase exponentially within the coming years (by 2022 to be exact).

GTurbo GTR Token ICO Details

As mentioned earlier, the Gturbo ecosystem will make use of a native currency to support all transactions within its ecosystem. The sale of these tokens will be done in two separate phases:

Pre ICO:

This period is currently underway and will make a total of 26,000,000 tokens available for users. The price of currency during this phase will be maintained at $0.05 per token. In addition to this, there will also be various bonuses that can be reaped during this period.

Primary Fundraiser (ICO):

This phase is scheduled to commence sometime in February and go on till march 2018. During this period there will be 390,000,000 tokens available for purchase. The price of a single token will be $0.1, and all purchases can be made via the use of ETH.

The buyback period has been determined to start in June, but the date has not been made available as of yet.

For any further details regarding this venture, company officials can be contacted on their private email addresses. Alternatively, for simple queries, users can email the support staff on [email protected]

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