Guardian Vaults Private Safety Deposit Box For Cryptocurency Assets

It is no secret that everybody has a belonging that they hold onto so dearly, and cannot afford to lose it at whatever cost, it could be an expensive piece of jewelry, precious metal, a gift, a memento or even a souvenir from a memorable trip. Such treasured items warrant extra protection measures, ones which may require investment in equipment tailored to guarantee impenetrable security.

Guardian Vault specializes in the development of security tools ranging from small-sized safety deposit boxes to enormous safes and strong rooms. This means all clients’ needs are catered for, from the individual who wants to keep sentimental possessions in safe custody to large corporates who want to secure voluminous amounts of items. Moreover, the firm’s product use top of the pile technology, which makes them immune to security breaches.

Security Features

Guardian Vaults delved into the secure storage industry looking to revolutionize it through the implementation of cutting-edge technology. Wary of the competition posed by longtime industry bigwigs like banks, the company had to offer service of the highest standards in a bid to build its brand. Clearly, the efforts paid off, as the company is now a household name in its sector.

A testament to these exertions is their vaults, whose exceptional security features have earned plaudits as well as Grade XII and Class A Type 1 installation accreditations, which are the quintessence of the security industry. The safety features at their offices are impregnable, as they require a three-way authentication. A biometric scan, a photo, and a PIN are mandatory to gain entry, with failure to provide one leading to barring from admission.

For obvious reasons, all of the safety measures used cannot be disclosed. However, below is a list giving a sneak peek of some of the countersecurity features on use:

  • Bullet proof guardrooms
  • 24-hour surveillance routines
  • Infrared motion sensors
  • Human security guards
  • Independent monitoring base with a mobile response unit
  • Seismic detectors
  • Digital photo authentication

Safety Deposit Boxes

These come in four variants, each of different size. Deposit lockers come with an inbuilt lockable box. The keys to the boxes are designed in a way that they cannot be copied, and Guardian Vaults does not keep copies of the key.

The safety boxes are accessible throughout without the need for scheduling an appointment. As a show of upholding the privacy of its clients, a section of the vault is devoid of cameras to enable visiting customers view their possessions in confidentiality.

Bullion Vaults

For large scale clients, the company exclusively develops custom-sized safes, vaults, and strong rooms. Similar to the deposit boxes, the vaults are issued with two identical keys that are uncopiable. In addition, the user sets a unique PIN with a minimum of six characters.

Guardian Vaults Private Safety Deposit Box For Cryptocurency Assets Conclusion

Guardian Vaults boasts of a remarkable reputation in its sector, and rightly so. The company values its clients, and strives to maintain them by upholding high standards of operation as well as regularly upgrading its infrastructure and products. Their quality is unmatched, and their innovativeness unrivaled. Undoubtedly, this institution is a real force in the safe custody industry.

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