Guardium Token Sale Welcomes Peter Diamandis from XPRIZE Foundation

Guardian Circle is the first system in the world to use blockchain technology for their decentralized emergency response system. On May 25th, 2018, they decided to bring on Peter Diamandis with their startup, based on his experience as the CEO and founder of the XPRIZE Foundation. However, his role with Guardian Circle will be that of an advisor and participant.

This platform is designed to help consumers quickly access their trusted friends and family if they are in the middle of an emergency situation. The program doesn’t contact emergency services, but the outreach to the associates of the user will be able to speed up the amount of time that the individual would wait. Any guardian that is able to request emergency services will be sent the corresponding number of Guardium tokens, which they can apply to their account or exchange for their local currency.

With 18 entrepreneurial adventures under his best, Diamandis is considered a visionary in this industry. His foundation alone has been active since 1994, an effort that is a leader in design and operation of incentive competitions that urges participants to find a way to benefit the human race. They already have a partnership with ICM for a 2020 competition in which participants will vie for $5 million to create an AI system that offers the most effective TED talk. Diamandis is also an engineer and physician with Harvard training.

Mark Jeffrey, the co-founder and CEO of Guardian Circle, released a statement that said, “We are humbled and honored to earn the endorsement of one of the most influential names in innovation today.”

Diamandis also released a statement, saying, “After learning of the immediate impact Guardium can offer its users and the alliances Mark has built around him, it was an obvious fit for me and the work I do. I look forward to working closely with Mark and his team, to save more lives and change the world for the better.”

Guardian Circle already has its own app that can be accessed by iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and Alexa systems. Right now, the company has a token sale available that will give a 20% bonus to buyers who get in within the first five million tokens sold. This sale is only available until June 1st.

To get involved during the sale, investors can visit For additional information, contact the Transform Group at [email protected]

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