Guardium is being marketed as a unique token designed for global safety, and they have already received incredible praise and support. Guardium Circle was the 2016 Launch Festival winner and it was featured at Apple’s Planet Of The Apps event.

The GUARDIUM Token Sale

Safety is everyone’s top priority, and the uses of Guardium have made it incredibly popular. Guardium tokens are still being being sold. These tokens are what back an economic framework of decentralized emergency response teams that are based on networks of people closest to users. Guardium not only acts as a backup to traditional 911 services for people in the United States, it also works as a system for the over four billion people who lack any system altogether.


The Guardium Circle is the name of their intelligence grid and mobile app. Guardium is a “decentralized 9-1-1” emergency response system that incorporates friends, neighbors, family, professional responders, and semi-pros in the industry to make the world a safer place. The goal of Guardium is to shorten response times and help save lives in urgent situations.

How The GUARDIUM App Works

Guardium integrates with iPhones and other wearables, along with mobile devices and voice-controlled devices like Amazon’s Alexa. In the app, users can setup their account and connect with their Guardians. The app will then allow them to show their location to every one they are connected with, and send messages to those in their group.

When an emergency occurs, all the user has to do is send out an alert. Their location will be given to everyone in their group and anyone nearby will be able to find them and help them. The emergency alert will be sent to everyone in their group, and if it’s very serious, the alert can be escalated to 2nd degree guardians.

As a free app, Guardium is gaining huge press, and it should be. It’s marketed for many uses. Some examples their website gives include: being harassed or potentially followed when out alone, being hurt while jogging or outdoors, being stuck at work and won’t make it off on time to get your kids from school, and even more pressing matters—like serious medical emergencies.

The Reason Behind GUARDIUM

It’s no secret that emergency responders are often overwhelmed, especially in big cities. For example, Wyoming has a state average response time of over 35 minutes. In the event of an emergency or urgent situation, that response time can lead to serious consequences.

That’s what inspired the launch of Guardium. Out of your network of friends, family, and neighbors, it’s likely someone will always be less than 35 minutes away, and most likely, they’ll be a lot closer than even that. Even where emergency response times are lower, like in Massachusetts where times average about 9 minutes, if a friend could get to you even just a minute sooner, it could seriously change the outcome of a dire situation.

Guardium is quickly gaining traction across the country. Its unique interface gives parents peace of mind while making the world a safer place. Whether you’re simply a morning jogger or a late-night party goer, so many people are jumping on board with Guardium because it seriously has the potential to save lives.

If you decide to use Guardium, you can add anyone to your network, including neighbors, co-workers, family members, and friends. You can also put them at different “levels” so that your family members and neighbors get notified first. If needed, you can then escalate the situation to lower degrees (like co-workers) who may be able to assist.

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