Gulden is a Dutch cryptocurrency named after a defunct Dutch fiat currency. Find out everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency today.

What is Gulden?

Gulden is a cryptocurrency made by a Netherlands-based company. The name “gulden” comes from the old German/Dutch word for “gold coin”. In the middle ages, Dutch currency was known as gulden. Today, the Gulden cryptocurrency seeks to implement various modernization features.

Some of the advantages of Gulden include being able to pay at merchants across the Netherlands. You can also wire money to any IBAN account.

Buying Guldens is as easy as visiting and registering for a wallet. You can purchase Guldens in a variety of amounts starting at 10 Euros. Your mobile app works as your Gulden wallet.

How to Use Gulden

The Gulden app is available for iOS and Android. Download the app, then register an account.

From there, visit or navigate to buy currency from within the app. You buy currency in 10, 25, and 50 Euro amounts. Enter your Gulden receive address, then select your bank for a fast bank transfer. Right now, 10 Euros buys you 139 Gulden and 50 Euros buys you 718 Gulden.

The price of Gulden, like the price of other cryptocurrencies, is determined by demand. On average, the value of Gulden has gone up since it was introduced. In 2016, the value of Gulden went up more than 100%.

Once you have Gulden, you can use it anywhere bitcoin is accepted. Gulden has partnered with, which instantly converts Bitcoin/Euro to Gulden. This functionality is embedded into the Gulden mobile apps, so users won’t even know that they’re using Nocks for bitcoin payments. Nocks is particularly popular among merchants in the Netherlands.

What is PoW2?

PoW2, or proof of work2, is a unique innovation in the Gulden blockchain. It’s one of the reasons why Gulden is as useful as it is today. Here are some of the key features and improvements about Gulden’s PoW2 system:

Improving the Blockchain

PoW2 is designed to bring blockchain technology to a new era. As the official website explains, PoW2 brings “levels of security vastly in excess of anything seen before” and offers “the power of Proof of Work enhanced with the power of currency holding witnesses.” The Gulden blockchain isn’t just “mostly safe” – it’s “completely out of practical reach of attack by even the most wealthy and determined hacker.”

A Smoother Experience

PoW2 allows a feature called the Gulden Delta algorithm to go to work. This enhances the stability of the Gulden blockchain and improves block time consistency.

Faster Transactions

Transactions are secured with 1 or 2 confirmations. The ultimate goal of PoW2 is to introduce 0-conf transactions in a secure way.

Earn Gulden with Gulden

You can put your leftover Guldens to work in a fixed deposit account, where they’ll be frozen while earning you money. While frozen, your Guldens act as part of the PoW2 system and help you earn coins in exchange. Deposit periods can be chosen anywhere between 1 month and 3 years.

100% Secure

Users enjoy 100% security on their fixed term witness accounts thanks to an innovative feature called the Double Key Witness System. This system lets your money be put to work while remaining safely locked away from hackers or spyware. You access your money using a password.


Gulden can handle 4 times the transaction capacity of bitcoin. It’s also more scalable because it is immune to empty blocks/extortion from miners.

Gulden Mining

Mining is an important part of the Gulden system. You can earn rewards with your mining hardware and contribute to the Gulden system.

Ultimately, the development team behind Gulden sees a bright future for their cryptocurrency. They’ve designed it to be a stable, long-lasting currency built for the future. A large section of the website is devoted to developers and how they can take advantage of the Gulden system. Gulden will officially implement its PoW2 system into the currency in July.

Who’s Behind Gulden?

Gulden was founded by Rijk Plasman. You can view Rijk’s LinkedIn profile here. Plasman launched Gulden in April 2014.

Gulden Conclusion

Gulden is a popular cryptocurrency in the Netherlands. The developers have built their cryptocurrency for the future. It uses features like PoW2 technology to secure its future usefulness. The value of Gulden has also increased steadily since it was introduced – including an increase of 100% in the past year.

To get started with Gulden, download the software client today from The software is available for mobile devices and desktops. Once you’ve purchased Gulden, you can wire money between IBAN accounts or pay at merchants that accept Bitcoin or Gulden.

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