There is practically every possible startup offering a blockchain solution to solve problems in the different industry. Indeed, it is undeniable that blockchain has become a revolutionary technology and it has been applied where necessary to add value. One sector that blockchain offers real solutions is in online and professional development space.

With the rise of the internet, online education is becoming a fast option for individuals or professionals looking to acquire skills and knowledge in their comfort. H-Network is providing users with an advanced educational platform that will bypass most of the obstacles within formal education. Here's more on the solution that could eliminate the challenges affecting the education industry.

About H Education World

H Education World is a subsidiary product of H Network International that is working towards creating a global educational platform that connects students to the best educational resources and learning mechanism. The H Education World platform will give education participants access to innovative solutions based on blockchain to provide possible low costs for educational institutions and students.

The H Education World Blockchain Student Learning Platform Solutions

H Education World seeks to start operations based on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/Augmented Reality technology to establish an interactive education content platforms with state-of-the-art solutions for students and professionals. At the same time, the techniques will offer a proper and reliable qualitative assessment model that evaluates the learning progress of the students.

Also, the platforms will come up with high-end gamification of the educational courses by using the VAR-based animations to assist students in visualizing their stories and make learning much more effective and fun. Every aspect of the learning process will be coupled with innovation and research labs that students get to choose their interest subjects and learn in an advanced educational model.

How H-Network Could Benefit Participants

With blockchain technology proving a force to reckon with, the H Education World hopes to influence the education participants in the following ways:

Educational Institutions

  • Universities, colleges, and schools will have the power to evaluate their prospective and continuing students through the progressive exam system
  • Apart from measuring knowledge and skills, institutions can assess IQ, EQ, Temper, Creativity, Aptitude, and other personal traits.
  • H Education World's can help complement an institution's teaching methodologies.


  • Students’ gains access to advanced learning resources, software, education modules, research modules, innovation labs and a lot more.
  • There is also access to paying for the education resources by using the platform's native currency, HCoins.
  • The highly advanced and specialized courses can help students build up their portfolio with exclusive certifications and acceptance


  • Firms can get instant access to a pool of qualified and experienced professional's with their education traceable through H Education World secure database
  • Companies also can upskill their employees by providing them the option to go through H Education's courses, and research programs.
  • H Education World plans future applications for the HR Domain, and this will allow businesses to use HCoins to pay for salaries, incentives, rewards, and bonuses.

H Education World HCOIN Token ICO Benefits

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Pre-ICO Date: 16th July 2018 – 15th August 2018
  • Main Token Sale Date: 16th August 2018 – 14th September 2018
  • Token ticker- HCOIN
  • Platform- Waves
  • Supply amount- 1,000,000,000
  • Price rate- 1 HCOIN= $1
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, USD
  • Minimum investment- 10 HCOIN
  • Maximum purchase- 100,000,000 HCOIN
  • Hard cap- $100,000,000
  • Soft cap- $50,000,000

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