H2SOL is a renewable energy power producing company that also has mining rigs on the same location with its hydro and solar energy plants. It aims at providing sustainability and profitability in the crypto space while also creating an energy alternative in a period where there is a high a demand for energy and its increased usage. Currently, the company has been able to operate numerous pilot projects that involved crypto mining co-located mining operations, which were powered by green energy.

About H2SOL Tokens

The company is seeking to crowd fund its licensing processes through issuing of tokens. There will be two tokens on offer: the H2PWR and H2SOL.

The H2PWR is the utility token that will be used to generate the required funds for materializing the licensed securities framework for H2SOL, which is termed as the dividend-generating token. Holders of the H2PWR token will have the right to participate sale of the H2SOL Securities Token at discounts of up to 25%.

The H2SOL is a dividend-generating token. It is responsible for the distribution of revenue from green mining to its token holders. The H2SOL is a security token and thus will have to undergo the security licensing process, which will be funded by the H2PWR token. The tokens can be purchased using Ethereum and Bitcoin, but fiat can also be accepted as a method of payment for private sales. The tokens can be exchange on multiple platforms in order to provide liquidity to its users.

All the funds from the token sale will be sent to a secure multi signature wallet that will have multi-key structure with 3 key holders who will all have to sign off a transaction in order for movement of funds.

Why Invest In H2SOL?

Not a concept: The company is already operational with an existing renewable energy power plant as its product. It is not a concept only, which means that the product has been proven to work and be able to generate revenue.

Zero Carbon Footprint Mining: It provides an opportunity for investors who want to be part of an eco-friendly company. The company recycles the excess power that has been emitted from the running power plants to power its mining rigs, which reduces or eliminates the carbon footprints that company makes.

Multiple revenue streams: Its basket mining rigs have been optimized in order to create revenue that is in form cryptocurrency. It also has a safety net in the form of revenue that can come from the selling of the tokens up to the grid.

Experienced team: The company is made up of a team that is experienced in hydro or solar energy and in crypto mining too. This will ensure that there is a hands-on involvement in the company and scalability of the project.

Proper management of funds: The multi-key structure that the company adopts ensures that the investor’s funds can’t be mismanaged or stolen as all the 3 key holders will have to sign off in order for movement of funds to take place.

Secure: All the token webpages and platforms owned by the company will undergo auditing by the cyber security company that has reliable and reputable services in order to eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks by hackers or phishing.

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